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RE: Demystifying HIVE: It's all about the Money, the Money...

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The amount of stress leaving my body reading this post...
I'm super new to Hive, and I'm very grateful to the person who onboarded me who explained a lot- but hearing it over the phone a few times does nothing for my reading comprehension skills!
Thank you for the amount of detail you put into this- I'll be checking out your other guides for sure; I might end up needing to take notes and write some things down.
You're for sure correct on the learning curve- it's been steep so far, but this did ease a bit of my anxiety and apprehension! ~Thanks for the help!~


It's a social media platform, if it's giving you stress.. then it's probably not for you! Don't worry about things, everyone here is (mostly) super polite as being a troll can get you down-voted (and thus induce a loss of rewards).

I'm happy to see someone, genuine and new.. @steevc.., @external-panic is another possibility for @tenkminnows. Have a drink of !WINE to soothe your nerves.

Follow some like-minded people, or you will miss what they are posting.

A good place for short stories is The Ink Well community.

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Thank you for the advice! I do have some people that I check in on- I will go ahead and follow them! As well as The Ink Well Community- I appreciate the help with that, I wouldn't have found them possibly otherwise!