Do we need cryptocurrencies in everyday life?

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I answered: "Do you think you need oxygen to live?

Hello everybody...

Today is 4 days since my last publication in Hive or leofinance, this is because of a power outage in my city due to an alleged terrorist attack on a very important power plant in the country. This blackout brought with it a lot of disadvantages in the commercial and economic field for the city since many businesses closed and others could not sell anything because there was no way to pay. But as bad as it may seem, I could see a huge need that needed to be met with cryptocurrencies.

Frequently in Venezuela the electricity supply fails, and when this happens the payment platforms such as points of sale, banks, and transfers, fail constantly, this forces people to seek to pay with cash but also scarce throughout the country, to solve these problems many merchants and individuals have opted to use P2P payment app like ZELLE or other similar ones, which transfer money from one account to another without using banks or national platforms. But this in turn presents another problem, that the transaction fees or commissions are extremely high and unprofitable for small transfers.

As the power outage brings with it many challenges, many merchants are forced to stay closed. After all, they can't find a way to keep selling because people can't afford to pay.

Today I was talking to a confectionery business owner and I was pitching him the idea that he could accept crypto as a means of payment, as well as the benefits and advantages it offers. But at the end of the conversation, he just said to me, Do you think we need cryptocurrencies for everyday life as you say He said this because of what he hears and reads on social media and the news.

I just asked him a rhetorical question to make him understand everything I had explained Do you think you need oxygen to live? Because just as oxygen is necessary for life to continue every day, I explained again how cryptocurrencies are necessary for this digital era for the economy to strengthen and continue with its rhythm and the enormous benefits it offers to traders.


Do we need cryptocurrencies in everyday life?

The short answer Yes, because in addition to decentralization, cryptocurrencies offer you many other benefits such as savings, development, art, entertainment, gaming, investment, etc.. for all areas of our life cryptocurrencies work very well, and in this year we are just experiencing the full potential they have.

That's why I share the maximalist opinion of many here at leofinance about 2025 since that will be the year when cryptocurrencies as markets are growing and expanding every day achieving little by little the goal set in 2009 since it all started, a decentralized world where each person has the power to manage their economy.

Crypto all over the place just like the oxygen.

We are almost entering the last quarter of this year, and the level of adoption is so high that at this point it is impossible to find someone who has not heard of cryptocurrencies or bitcoin, in fact in countries where you would least expect adoption such as the African continent, there it has grown by 1200% since 2020 and the results of the last quarter of 2021 are yet to be measured. In other countries cryptocurrencies are adopted as official currencies of the country as happened in El Salvador, others projects are being created to pay salaries, taxes, goods and services in cryptocurrencies, more and more crypto ATMs around the world, and it is expected that this growth is only going to grow more in this coming year as traditional economies are only weakening more every day.

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