Chaos in my Hive wallet

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Today was the day that the Chaos legion dropped on Splinterlands.

We were all able to open our packs and see what surprises awaited us. I was fortunate enough to have gotten 200+20 packs in the presale, a little over 100 with my own vouchers and I bought the rest with SPS.

Money spent:
2 x 400 USD
80 x 14 USD for vouchers
1920 USD total

Being curious I checked on my Chaos Legion cards Value

Screen Shot 20211208 at 18.40.06.png

Now to be fair, a big part came from the Dr Blight airdrop where I got 7 cards currently valued at 160 USD each which takes up 1120 of the 4600 total

Screen Shot 20211208 at 21.21.52.png

So without those cards, I am at 3700 which is still close to 100% profit on my investment.
Some of the nice drops

at 450 USD

Screen Shot 20211208 at 21.28.03.png

at 130 USD

Screen Shot 20211208 at 21.30.34.png

all at roughly 30 ish, except 2x Queen Mycelia and 2 x Chaos Dragon going for 65 at roughly 500 ish

Screen Shot 20211208 at 21.33.10.png
Screen Shot 20211208 at 21.35.06.png

So all in all

4600 Card Value
minus 1120 Dr. Blight
minus 450 Torrent Fiend
minus 130 Grund
minus 510 Legendaries

makes 2390

The total cost was 1920 + some potions so that comes to roughly the investment amount of 2400

All that looks like I have a bunch of legendaries profit. Splinterlands has been really good to me in the last few months and the saga seems to continue at least for now.

I guess the saga of Play to Earn is going strong and Splinterlands is getting on the same level as Axie infinity in popularity and growth.

There are now hundreds of play to earn communities and they are growing but there are a few things they lack that we have here on Hive

  • Community
  • First Mover advantage
  • A free to transact blockchain

It seems like a bright future but it really brings chaos to my wallet as I need to buy more packs now...

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Congratulations on your drops! Sounds like you did well.

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cannot complain, its nice to be comfortable in Splinterlands

that's really cool. I didn't get any. I'm waiting for the general sale. I hope there is some luck left for me.

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well, I am using all the vouchers I can get and will see then

I didn't go that route. I only got a little sps during that time

That is awsm return mate! Good job!

Hey @felander,
Do you mind supporting the HiveBuzz proposal for 2022 so our team can continue its work next year?
That would be much appreciated! Your feedback, if any, is welcome of course. Thanks.