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Since 2018 I have been a subscriber of Realvision Finance, an online platform where successful and world-renowned investors and financial experts interview each other.


I found out about Raoul and this service from a video on Youtube

The Coming Retirement Crisis Explained and Explored (w/ Raoul Pal)

This video is 3 years old but it is still very relevant. It also explains why the economy is in the status it is in right now. It's not for nothing there are close to 3 million views on it.

I then ended up on the Realvision platform and tested the offer of 1 week for 1 USD. And I have to say I was hooked.

So I got the essential Package. I paid 240 USD, which is 20 bucks a month, and have not regretted it since.


Last year they launched Realvision Crypto which is a lot more up my alley and free to boot. I really would advise everyone to get at least a crypto account. The interviews give you a lot of depth and even some alpha from time to time. But what is more important, for me, it showed me the kind of institutional involvement and rapid scale building that is happening in the space. As a regular Hive or Twitter user, it is hard to really fathom the amount of exponential growth this tech is experiencing. Realvision gives you a glimpse of that.

I have always been more crypto than stocks and traditional finance but it pays to know a bit about how the other side works and thinks.

In the last few years, my crypto portfolio has expanded and is now of a size where I can no longer just sit back and relax. It has the potential to be life-changing as I guess is the same for everyone who has been around crypto for the last few years. If you buy and Hodl you should have done fine, to say the least.

My Education reward

So a few weeks back I got lucky and minted a pretty CloneX angel NFT. At launch it was worth 5 ETH, then Nike bought RTFKT and the value instantly doubled to 10 ETH.

My dilemma:
Hold and see?
Sell and take the profit?

It took the middle ground. I sold and bought another one I liked for half the price.
After expenses, I had 4.5 Eth more than before. So I treated myself and joined Realvision Pro (macro and crypto) for 1 ETH.

This is not cheap, to say the least, but I guess after such a long time being a member and adding the growth of my portfolio I have a need for more professional views.
This allows me to check all the articles on Hive to feel the pulse of the community and combine this with the analysis of the 70 researchers from Dephi Digital.

Screen Shot 20211220 at 22.02.04.png

If there are any RV subscribers here on Hive it would be cool to find out. If not, at least go and get a free RV crypto account.

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That sounds pretty interesting, that it some luck with the mint, congratulations, not a bad idea taking some profit!

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