My Play to earn experiences so far

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Blockchain is going to change gaming and gamers forever

Play to earn is Big, and it's getting bigger every day

My journey into these kinds of games started like most who lived through the 2000s with MMORPGs. My favourite was World of Warcraft. Even though Blizzard did not allow it there was a healthy black market in gold, items and even full accounts. That is where my understanding started. For me, it is not a strange thing to see people spending thousands of dollars on digital items. Getting married and starting a family really limited my playing time I still get nostalgic if I see pictures of Horde Orcs or Night Elves. I did manage to squeeze in a bit of Hearthstone once in a while.

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1. Splinterlands

Fast forward to 2018. I am active on Hive and see this card game launching which has similar dynamics to Hearthstone but I could own my cards and sell them if I pleased. Back then this game was called steemmonsters, now it goes by Splinterlands. In the next few years, I bought some packs here and there and collected reward cards. In the summer of 2021 the game explodes and so does the value of my cards. Additionally, since this is a blockchain game there are different websites that arise to take advantage of the options this tech has to offer. You can get started with a 10 USD starterkit.
Start the game and official website
Rent out cards and earn passive income
Buy and sell cards

2. Gods Unchained

This was a similar game that came onto my radar at the end of 2018 and where I bought a bunch of genesis packs in order to try out the beta gameplay. Over the years I played a bit but it really taxed my laptop so I did not go all in as much as with splinterlands. I od enjoy the complexity of the game and the improvements made. It was launched on ETH which ate through gas fees and would be impossible to play these days. The company created immutableX, a layer2 solution specially created for gaming and NFTs on Ethereum.
Both the game and the layer 2 have now launched a token.
The good thing about gods unchained is that it is truly free to start playing. The only investment is time.
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3. Townstar

Remember Farmville? I know I do, it was a massive freemium game by Zynga games. The whole world and their dog played it. Well now the founder of Zynga runs Gala Games and they started with their first NFT Play-to-Earn game called Townstar. It has a nice nostalgic feel to it but here you can add NFTS who earn Town coin every day and which can add to a nice daily bonus
It is also free to play but to earn you have to rank in the top 400 players per season. That is getting harder and harder to do. Another option is to purchase an NFT on the in-game market or on Opensea (

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There are many more play-to-earn games out there and but each has to find one to match his style. For me, being lucky enough to be early in these games has brought me an extra salary in passive income even surpassing my regular day job from time to time. But I do believe that even now we are still early and if you like gaming you might as well make a bit of extra dough along the way.

Join the future and own your game play!

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This is so exciting! Imagine the future!

Do you play Splinterlands too? Cool.
I wonder if we have fought on the game for once, I seem to not notice it, if we did ^_^. Yeah, recently it makes one even more and more excited.
Now the tournament's rewards are also very tempting but it's getting harder to win cos so many new and good players with good cards are joining the crowd.

I believe we might have crossed paths before and I am just going to assume I won, lol

I never really played the tournaments and focused on just the daily quests. I did rent out 6 accounts for over a year though...