My Splinterlands account is worth more than 1 BTC

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I have been a loyal fan since the beginning of the Splinterlands or Steemmonsters as the game was called back then. I even put some money in the initial fundraiser and the Kickstarter which earned me my cute dragon whelp


I also own 7 starter packs with accounts that are being played for me by people in Venezuela where we split the profits 50/50. This is a true play to earn story for them.

Along the way, I bought some more packs that got me some promos and kept adding to my collection. And I did realize in the back of my mind that these cards had value but did not pay that much attention.

Yesterday I logged into out of curiosity because there seems to be a buzz going on about the game. Even @tarazkp is buying packs and playing. To my surprise, my cards seem to have 20x in value. I estimate having spent roughly 2000 USD on the game along the way.


Now if you compare this newly launched SPS token with the most popular play-to-earn tokens from AXIE infinity we can see we still have a very long way to go.



For now, I am holding on to the majority of my cards, maybe putting some really rare ones on the market for a silly price to see if anyone bites, and then using my experience to buy back more.

But saying I am happy with my investment in the game is an understatement

Thank you @aggroed, @yabapmatt, and the rest of the team for all you are doing
Keep up the good work.

Lets all play to earn

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I take this as a testimony to keep me battling it out on Splinterlands for fun and invariably for the money.

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yea, just keep it up and it will slowly add in value

I will keep at it, many thanks.

Nice valuable collection, you've done well!
Do you know if the AXS price is fully diluted, in comparison SPS is about the same marketcap when fully diluted😀
My collection is worth around $5000, and I am happily surprised to see the value of the SPS that I'm being airdropped...Wonder how long this will continue....

same here, got over 200 usd on first drop

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Hello @felander, I see you still have some of my INCOME tokens on STEEM-ENGINE. I would like to motivate you to swap them to HIVE before I lose interest, this is the final final final warning 😅


Just send the tokens to @ecoinstats (on steem) if you can, you will have to log into as steem keychain does not support the new domain name and no longer shows tokens. Once you do, just leave me a comment and I will sort it out!

Thank you for hodling! Here is the most recent update, the ABV value for these tokens is 6.4 HIVE