Taking advantage of the opportunity: a successful hive trade

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I have been on hive for a few years now, I have also managed to collect a decent amount of Hive which is mostly powered up.

But when I saw this giant green candle a few days ago I knew it was time to sell the liquid HIVE i had.

It was the perfect setup

Screenshot 20230206 at 22.22.02.png

Why, well I knew for sure that I would not be the only one and that that beautiful green candle would be followed by a red one at some point. And sure enough

888 was sent to Binance and market sold.

And now, 2 days later I am happily buying back 1227.

Not a bad swing trade.

I do not know why this happened but in all these years of seeing these things I learned that this was not natural growth

The best way up for me is a slope, as it is more sustainable and usually the way down is sadly the elevator.

Anyway I am happy with my haul and if there is anyone else that wants to do a big market purchase, be my guest :-)

I would love to turn that 1227 into 1834

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500 HIVE profit!! Love to see it 💪🏽

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Keeping it on exchange for now, believe there might be a few more spikes coming, just need to catch them.
I seem to remember these often come in groups

Hey @felander, I sent you a discord message, hopefully you can check it out! 😀

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