Cubfinance Again Going To Continue Go Up Market Hit 80 Cents Again

The market is still believing cubfinance is relatively cheap and they're willing to take the gamble to purchase cubfinance at 60 cents is still going.
We're still seeing weakness. i'm not being tricked into thinking cubfinance.the price move in cubfinance until when you add on the fact we couldn't break about 58 cents all weakness. the market is up almost 3 percent in cubfinance. the market is not going to tricking a whole lot of people cubfinance is going to continue to go up.
Which it may but i need a little bit more confirmation i can actually say the same thing if this market and actually is able to close up towards the high of the bar. then i'm looking for the market to go up i'll be playing the strength i'll be looking for the market to continually go up in cubfinance.

We're still looking at the market and actually trying to go up in price.we can see the market in cubfinance come in and grab i don't want you all to think. we are no longer in a upward trend.we are just simply trading away from the trend we can still see the price in cubfinance come stable to this trend .
We're playing the weakness into the marketing cubfinance i don't want you all to think i'm looking for a little crash. i'm looking for a collapse in price i'm looking for the price to plummet. we have to prepare where price is going to go the market to higher prices and when to get off we don't want to overstay our welcome in these markets unless.

We're in these for the long term we're looking for the price to go down in cubfinance.i'm looking for the price to grab support within this line the chances of cubfinance going stable is greater the market in cubfinance has closed of the highs the price would have ended up closing at the high of the market.

We're getting tired the market is is not really propping up the price in cubfinance above a 70 cents. the most important thing we all have gives us a heads up where price is going to go .
you're looking at the market going stable well. we're playing a strength on this prediction into the market in cubfinance how long do you think the price can go well.

It's not far we can really see the market dip we can see the price prop up and start to go up higher .the price to continue to trend upward i won't be looking for that especially we break this line.

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