Cub Finance Is Back With A Bang!

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LeoFinance team is just killing it. The number of updates coming out every week is so damn high! It's getting hard to keep up. The good news is that the pace of development is not getting affected by the bear markets. It's a great time to build sustainable (and profitable) products for the community. In this blog, I will concentrate on the latest farms launched on Cub Finance & other related updates. For those who don't know already, it is a DeFi application on Binance Smart Chain. After the successful launch and run by PolyCUB on Polygon Network, it was time to migrate all the cool DeFi 2.0 features to Cub Finance.

Cub V2 Phase 1

These upgrades to Cub Finance would happen in phases. Phase 1 is already completed and it consists of the following:

  • Multi Token Bridge: Fresh UI (User Interface) and UX (User eXperience) with efficient refund handling. You can access the MTB here:
  • New V2 Farms: bHBD-bUSD, bHIVE-CUB and bHBD-CUB are now live. You can checkout these pools and provide liquidity here:

In the case of Cub Finance, MTB revenue will follow the 'buy & burn' mechanism which will reduce the supply of CUB substantially over time. As you can in the below screen, the multipliers have been raised to 20x. This means these vaults will mine more CUB for liquidity providers as compared to vaults with 10x multiplier.


The APRs on your HBD and HIVE are quite high right now. So juicy! In Defi, the risk is high and so are the rewards. You don't get this much via curation or HBD savings. Right now is the best time to join the party. These percentages will go down once more LPs join which is normal. Cub Phase 2 rollout will make these APRs more sustainable in the long term.

Cub V2 Phase 2

Phase 2 will focus on bringing a lot of PolyCUB features into Cub Finance. It is next in the pipeline. This will provide a sustainable model of value accrual that is proven and tested in PolyCUB.

Differences Between POLYCUB and CUB

The major difference between PolyCUB and Cub Finance is how MTB revenue is utilized to provide value back to Hodlers:

  • MTB revenue on Poly CUB buys POYLCUB and distributes it as 20% fixed APY to all vexPOLYCUB stakeholders
  • MTB revenue on Cub Finance buys CUB & burn to take them out of the supply forever.

How To Get Started?

For most people getting into DeFi is scary. I understand that there is a decent learning curve but believe it or not, CUB Finance was the first DeFi application I tried. I was a noob back then but took the plunge to learn how it works. Clearly, it was the best decision ever. 16 months later, as the platform grew, my knowledge and stake were also boosted with it. There are simple steps to get started:

Step by Step video tutorial is also available. Thanks to @anomadsoul. You can also ask questions in the comment section below.



Discord: finguru#4062

Not financial advice. For infotainment purposes only.

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Really excited about the changes and can't wait to see what effect that they have on the eco-system.

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Same here Niall. Looking forward to Phase 2 rollouts.

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Actully huge updates, it's going to take some time for things to start moving up with the changes but awesome time to stack up on CUB.

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Fortunately, it's quite cheap right now. 🚀🚀🚀

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I expect great things for the future of CUB, there's still a lot more to come! 😁

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Me too broo! Just getting started. 🥲

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Might have to go back and look at Cub! I love the HBD options for sure! Been really dealing with stablecoins allot these days, that's some decent APY.

Yes dude. BHBD-BUSD is one of the best bets you can play. 🔥 All the best.

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Cub v2 will also bring a lot of success to the cub and let's see how everything plays out. This is an amazing development

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Yes bro. V2 phase 2 rollouts are even more exciting. Wait for it.

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I have mu CUB in kingdoms earning interests, I will sure be diving into the BHDB-CUB a bit latter.

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Awesome bro!!! All the best. You have to get in early to reap the maximum rewards. It's about time.

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Happy about that

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V happy bro!

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It's nice to see the update but is that all that is going on for phase 2? I thought there would be more than just buybacks.

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Good invest to future

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It's certainly great to see so many things coming through the pipeline!

Maybe I've missed it somewhere, but did the "Kingdoms" end up being deprecated as part of these rollouts? I noticed that the APR and yield on just straight CUB has suddenly dropped to practically zero...


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Exelent post, well writen and informative. Thank you for sharing, I would have completely missed this if not for this post, thank you. =)

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Sucks that I don't have spare cash to throw into those pools.

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