Komsco Phoenix

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The Komsco mint from Southkorea comes out with a new series.

This time it comes with an unlimited mintage and is their take on a BU coin, except it is a round as there is no currency minted on the coin.

Despite that ,the plan as far as I know is that this "coin" will come out every year same as the Silver Eagle, Maple etc.

I could not find information if the motive will change every year.

Personally I like it if the motive changes as it spices up the stacking a bit for me and of course the potential of the rise in value if collectors get a liking of the coin. The Queens Beasts for example had an unlimited mintage as well but demanding quite a premium for the earlier releases.

I cant imagine spikes like that tbh as it is just a round and some people dont like KOMSCO anymore through the milking of the Sin and Chiwoo series. Also I have read about problems with quality control.

On the other hand there are still many people, myself included, who enjoy the designs a lot and if the design would change every year I can`t see the price being the same as a usual BU. Even the BU silver coin of the Kruegerrand demands a premium now...but with the Chiwoo we saw a boom and bust....

Wait and see I guess

But as the premium is not this high I am willing to take that gamble and I really like the design.

The collector and speculant within me is happy.

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I have the TIger version and it is fabulous.
This Phoenix must look great in your hand, I can understand it's tough to get a decent picture of a well struck silver.
Thanks for sharing!

I like the tiger as well but don`t have them :-(

Yeah after the fourth try I just said good enough :-)

Awesome coins my friend thanks for sharing!! Very nice display stands, this really makes the look!!🤗

they are helping a lot for eBay :-)

Yes I think eBay, and Amazon are doing a tremendous business nowadays take care my friend cheers!

I meant I can make better pictures with those if I sell something on eBay :-)

Yup, I have that silver round. Do you think it will be a series of different designs, like the Zin Sin series and the Tiger series. I wonder why these coins are not denominated when KOMNSCO is a government Mint.
Have a wonderful day, and Take care @flipstar.sports 🥰🌺🤙

I really hope so and I think it would make a lot of sense for them as it makes the coin a lot more intersting imo.

Why they are not denominated....I have no idea and I see it as a big flaw

Sehr schön. Rehived :-)

danke :-)

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