EarnTV: Tokenized video streaming platform powered by web3

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Each time we see a project that implements blockchain technology to offer a unique service, it makes for some excitement among the crypto community. Video streaming is an industry dominated by big brands owned by various companies like Netflix. All of them are nearly web2. But we have a good competitor now, a video streaming platform powered by blockchain technology. It rewards all social engagement done by users. This platform is called EarnTV.

EarnTV is a web3 video streaming platform that has its own native tokens to reward participants in the ecosystem. The tokens are offered as incentives to get users to engage with content and perform other useful community tasks on the platform. Now watching streamed content is not just about the entertainment. It is rewarding because of the native tokens that users would earn for active participation.

EarnTV - getting to know the streaming platform

If you enjoy watching movies, then EarnTV is just what you need. It has enough content to keep you busy for days. Interestingly, there are so many free movies to watch and relax. EarnTV is just like every other video streaming platform except that you can earn tokens for active interactions on the platform.

EarnTV is blockchain-based and has its own native token called ETV. This token powers all economic activities on the platform. To enjoy the movies on EarnTV, there are various membership packages that fit every budget. Each subscription package comes with a bundle of benefit for the subscriber to enjoy.

The first membership subscription is completely free. No fees are needed here. Subscribers are free to watch many free movies while earning ETV tokens at the same time. Some of the activities that they are free to participate includes streaming videos, referring new users, and voting on favorite channels. Each activity is rewarded with ETV tokens.

The second subscription package is the monthly plan which comes at a price of $5 per month. Subscribers will enjoy all the benefits of the free package plus more. The earnings are doubled on each activity done under this package. If a monthly subscriber shares, streams or rates a video, they earn twice the number of tokens earned by free subscribers on the same activity. Referring new users and registering them also earns double the number of tokens earned by free subscribers.

The annual plan is similar to the monthly plan except that subscribers are pay 50% of the month subscription for 1 year. So instead of $60, annual subscribers pay just $25. They basically enjoy all the benefits that monthly subscribers enjoy. Just that they save half of the money that monthly subscribers would pay.

Tasks and Rewards

As a web3 video streaming platform, EarnTV is implemented using a gamified model. Each activity on the platform comes with token rewards. The more work users do, the more tokens they earn. Of course, their subscription package has a bearing on how much tokens they could earn. Consider some of the activities below:

  • Content Streaming: When users stream videos on EarnTV for each 20 minutes, they are rewarded with 7 ETV tokens. This is for free subscribers. For monthly and annual subscribers, they earn double of the tokens earned by normal users. So instead of 7, they will earn 14 ETV tokens for content streaming.

  • Content rating: Users are encouraged to rate content on the platform. Top rated content have a higher positioning and discoverability on the platform. Free users earn 1 ETV tokens per content rated. Premium subscribers earn double of that. Users are allowed to rate 1 content per day.

  • Content sharing: Users are encouraged to share content they enjoy on their social media handles to help them gain more visibility. For each content shared per day, free subscribers earn 2 ETV tokens. Monthly and annual subscribers earn 4 ETV tokens for content sharing per day.

  • Referrals: Users are encouraged to invite others to the platform and earn ETV tokens for doing so. Each successful referral is rewarded with 10 ETV tokens. One can become an ambassador of the project if their referrer brings 20 other friends. Monthly and annual members earn 20 ETV per referral.

  • *Signups: When a user signup on the platform, they receive a reward of 20 ETV tokens. The amount is equally doubled for premium membership.


If you enjoy watching movies, then you need to check out EarnTV. You wont just have premium content to enjoy at no cost. You will be paid for watching those videos. Remember that this article is just for information purposes. You have to do your own research first as this is not financial advice. You are free to check the resource links below to learn more about this projec.

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It will soon be launched.

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Not yet seen any other utility other than powering the ecosystem. Maybe it evolves into something more useful.

Oh no! Perfect for me! Tokens already trade somewhere?

Yet to be launched

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