Best OnlyFans alternative? - Your own Web3 Hive account

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Best OnlyFans alternative? - Your own Web3 Hive account.

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

The best OnlyFans alternative is your own immutable, censorship-resistant Web3 Hive account.

Are you worried that OnlyFans will take away your ability to conduct business?

When it comes to finding an alternative to OnlyFans, adult content creators actually have a number of choices.

All of which are centrally hosted platforms exactly the same as OnlyFans that somewhere down the track WILL limit your ability to conduct business.

The only option you need to worry about is a truly decentralised, Web3 option - Of which there is one clear leader.

When it comes to decenralised, Web3 alternatives to OnlyFans, I Hive is the best blockchain for adult content creators.

Heck, Hive the only blockchain for adult content creators!

Are you an adult content creator looking for an alternative to OnlyFans?

If you’re an adult content creator on OnlyFans, stop and think for a second.

You’re literally risking your entire business on the whim of what OnlyFans inc consider to be acceptable or woke at this particular time in history.


If they don’t agree with whatever you post, for whatever reason, they have the power to click a bitton and remove your account

All your work, followers and ability to make money gone in an instant.

What would that mean for you?

On Hive however, your account, content and most importantly your abilitiy to conduct business, will always remain in your hands.

Hive solves the problem adult content creators face by offering censorship-resistant accounts at the blockchain level.

While your data and followers are retained on the base layer, the data is always accessible via a choice of multiple front-ends.

What does that mean?

First of all it means that OnlyFans inc (or any single entity for that matter), can’t ever censor your account and take away your followers.

It also means that your content can be accessed and viewed at a number of different URLs.

Remember you can’t ever be censored at the account level, but as centrally hosted websites that have to abide by the laws in whatever jurisdiction they’re hosted within, they can choose the data they display.

However, the power is still in your hands.

Because if one URL doesn't like your content, then you have the power to simply use another to display the data found on your account at the base layer.

Total ownership of your account and the ability to view the data using multiple front-ends is extremely powerful, right?

The best OnlyFans alternative is your own Web3 Hive account.

Hive really is a perfect fit for adult content creators.

Get your Web3 Hive account today

If you are an adult content creator looking for an alternative to OnlyFans, then get your Web3 Hive account today.

Simply use your current Web2 social media account to onboard yourself into Hive’s Web3 ecosystem.

Head to, click the get started button at the top and create your Hive account using your Twitter login.

Take responsibility for your account and retain total control over your adult content creation business.

OnlyFans is no longer worth the risk.

Best of probabilities to you.

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so is there a place at hive where our content can be behind a type of subscription model?

i understand that if i literally post a total nude photo, i hope at least it would get more upvotes than the photos i have so far posted. but, i'm also letting a lot of people see it for free. not saying that's bad or good. it's up to each creator to decide.

also, i believe the actual image or video is NOT stored on the blockchain, but only a reference to it is stored on the blockchain. meaning there presumably is a way someone could delete nsfw content they uploaded in the future. (which i think people can understand why that is something desireable- not only that we may personally wish to remove something one day before taking some type of job, but also that if someone else steals our content and posts it, that there legitimately is a way to remove it once we've proven it's stolen) is this correct?

the issue of not worrying about the state of payment processors (ie the onlyfans issue) is huge of course. i don't think you touched on the other huge benefit of NO CHARGEBACKS.

but without being able to more specifically list content as costing some specific amount, or having a subscription model, it seems very difficult at the moment to be able to know what you'll end up earning. i have my content on an app running off a separate blockchain that does have the content gated, requiring a certain amount to access it that i know at all times and don't have to wait x amount of days for a payout. i'm not mentioning it because i'm not trying to promote something else, more just bringing up what i perceive as benefits to it that i think without, will hinder the ability to onboard nsfw creators.

i would love to be able to do something similar here on hive!

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Awesome to hear the thoughts of someone in the industry, actively looking for an alternative!

The potential is there for a dev to build exactly what you're after on Hive, but there are a ton of technical questions we need to explore answers to.

Questions that need answers


  • Does Hive currently offer the ability to monetise via a subscription model rather than purely the rewards pool or does this need to be built?
    • From there, can you then hide content behind a password or paywall?
      • Answers will then affect whether chargebacks can potentially screw over the creator.

Decentralisation of images:

  • Will the @spknetwork solve the issue of storing images as well as videos in a decentralised manner?
    • If so, will this then be adequate protection for someone sharing images on Hive?

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so i don't know if everyone would want this on the creator side, but if recurring payments aren't possible (because it may require the person to be actively logged in, i don't know), the lack of chargebacks is good. honestly wanting to get money from people who forget to cancel a sub is scummy anyway.

but the way to balance it a little more is the sub would maybe last for like a week and that's it, though this would be up to the creator to determine.

i would rather not have nsfw images stored in a decentralized way. i 100% am not putting anything of mine out to where i lose all ownership of it. there is no benefit to me as the creator to have my content stored in such a manner. i want to know that i can delete my content immediately if necessary. totally understand that content going on the internet anyway is like already out there once it's out, but that's not true if i discover i encoded something wrong for instance. if i need stuff deleted because of some job, it's not like the biggest concern if there's some back alley trading of it, as long as it's no longer out in the open.

also would be nice to have some system of storing a hash or fingerprint or whatever of each piece of content from a verified creator.

and actually, how can there be chargebacks like you're saying? if the person doesn't have the money, how would they be renewing or paying for something?

There has been a big problem on dporn about people posting stuff from other sites that are not theirs. But many of those do get downvoted so there is that, but yes, this post makes a great point. Everyone loves porn, even if they admit it or not, lol.

When it comes to an OnlyFans alternative, I still think we need to shift the focus on how we think about communities.

On Hive we think about communities being interest based places that people hang out like DPorn or LeoFinance.

But I think the key for adult content creators is that really they're their own community.

All they need is their immutable account with their followers at that level.

Not a general porn community where randoms are sharing whatever.

They can use that to market within, but the real value here comes from their own account.

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That’s actually a cool way of looking at it.

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So, I am using Hive Blockchain.
My favorite Social Media platform is Hive Decentralized Blockchain.



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