How LeoFinance Subscription Services Give LEO Tokens Value

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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

In case you missed it yesterday, @taskmaster4450le wrote an excellent opinion piece around the notion that the new LeoFinance interface could cause massive growth for the platform.

The blog started a discussion in the comments around how a subscription based service offering premium market analysis, trading signals or mentorship could work and most importantly why the LEO token has value.

A discussion that I've reposted and slightly expanded on below.

Why the LEO Token has Value?

"Another option could be some type of subscription service that is tied into the website."

This is where comparisons to SeekingAlpha and their subscription based model are made.

Subscriptions are exciting prospect for me. Not only could it attract more quality authors to LeoFinance, but it would show why the LEO token has value and give it an actual use case.

The way I see it, there are two groups of users on LeoFinance (ignoring pure speculators):

  1. Writers/Analysts
  2. Readers/Traders

Writers - The Analysts

Writers will always provide base demand for the token because by having a stake, they will get more eyes on their content.

These are the guys that will want to buy LEO off the LeoDex market in order to stake it, because their business relies on getting their content read. The best way to do that, is to send it to the top of the trending page under their specific subcategory.

For example, if you're a successful forex trader who wants to start a mentorship service, then you want your daily content appearing front and centre on the forex trading section of the site where your potential clients hang out.

Readers - The Traders

Readers on the other hand are your regular traders or investors who just want to be told what to buy/sell and when to do it. These guys can start by earning free LEO simply by commenting and interacting with the writers. They want to find their trading group and chat to analysts who are seen as experts in their market subcategory.

Readers don't really have a use for staking their LEO, so instead they spend it on premium analysis/signals/groups where the top echelon of traders hang out (where they obviously want to be).

Can you see how this creates exactly what we want? A completed circle of LEO tokens actually being bought, earned, spent, bought, earned, sp... and so on.

Hopefully this helps you to view what LeoFinance is aiming to become and if you're a potential investor, you can see just how future LeoFinance subscription services give LEO tokens value.

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Higher time frame market analysis.

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There are many possibilities out there, but first we need to address the root of it. The interface needs to be updated and offer the competitors features, it is too archaic for these times.

I hope to see it implemented sooner rather than later as it will be hard to catch the others.

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Yep, obviously everything I've said in this post requires the new interface. I agree that the old Steemit version that we're currently running can't be left behind quick enough.

However, as the new version is being built from the ground up, it's going to easily allow for things like premium subscription services to be implemented.

I can't wait.

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I like it. Now if only we can get a debit card for the lion.

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Are you thinking like a TenX card but for your HIVE/LEO wallet rather than BTC?

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