Switching from Twitter to Mastodon? Try Hive instead

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Switching from Twitter to Mastodon? Try Hive instead.

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Switching to Mastodon solves none of the problems you currently face on Twitter. Here’s why you should switch to a Web3 Hive account instead.

With Twitter’s future beyond 2022 less than certain, many are searching for alternative platforms to continue scratching their social itch.

Potentially switching from Twitter to Mastodon seems to be the most popular choice of platform right now.

But the reality of Mastodon is that it doesn’t actually solve any of the problems you currently face on Twitter.

These problems being:

  • Decentralisation
  • Account ownership
  • Censorship-resistance

So if you're planning on switching from Twitter to Mastodon, I’d encourage you to first read this guide on why you should try Hive instead.

Let’s dive right into addressing the big 3 problems.

People switching from Twitter are choosing Mastodon, but they should be choosing Hive.

Is Mastodon decentralised?

One of Mastodon’s big marketing pitches is that they’re decentralised.

While this is true in that the underlying code is open source and that you are able to operate your own server, it doesn’t solve the centralisation problem that you faced at Twitter.

Mastodon is not decentralised, it’s actually what is known as federated.

What this essentially means is that while you have a choice between servers, your accounts, their data and followers are still all tied to that specific server.

If you’re banned from the server that you create an account in, you can’t just use your same account to put your message in front of your followers, elsewhere.

Yes, there are ways to transfer some of your data to new accounts.

But ultimately you’re at the mercy of your particular server’s admin…

Exactly the same as you are at the mercy of Elon on Twitter and other Web2 social media platforms.

Even though they run open source software, Mastodon’s series of closed servers approaches decentralisation in the wrong way.

Hive’s method of decentralisation is a much more practical approach than Mastodon’s.

Do you own your Mastodon account?

No, you don’t truly own your Mastodon account.

If you are no longer able to access your original server of choice, for whatever reason, then you will lose access to your followers.

Obviously for businesses who rely on their ability to put an offer in front of their audience, this is completely impractical.

All that matters when it comes to decentralisation is that you’re able to retain ownership of your account and as such, retain the ability to put your message in front of your followers.

Something Mastodon does not allow.

Hive on the other hand, maintains a functionally decentralised, single underlying network at its base.

You are able to use your single Web3 Hive account to access every dApp and social media front-end that is built on the layer above.

Approaching decentralisation in this way works for businesses and content creators who need the stability of being able to put their message in front of their followers at all times.

If they’re banned from one front-end for whatever reason, then simply plug and play that same account into another and carry on as normal.

All your data, content and followers are stored on the censorship-resistant blockchain which means it goes with you at all times.

So unlike an account housed on the decentralised Hive network, of which you own the keys to, your Mastodon account is tied to each specific, centralised server.

Meaning Mastodon does not solve the problem of true account ownership.

Is Mastodon censorship-resistant?

No, Mastodon is not censorship-resistant.

I fully understand that society doesn’t tolerate shit like Nazis (the current social media buzzword surrounding censorship), but you can’t have it both ways.

You’re either technically censorship-resistant for EVERYONE, or you’re not.

If there are arbitrary rules, administered by human beings then no matter what your leader says his ideals are, you’re not censorship-resistant as a platform.

Something we’re already seeing play out on Twitter with Elon saying he affords everyone freedom of speech… as long as you’re not x y or z.

It just doesn’t work like this.

Unfortunately, it’s exactly the same on Mastodon, just on a server by server level.

If you’re banned from a server, you can’t take your message and followers to another because they’re all closed shops.

Thanks to the underlying, decentralised blockchain that your accounts are connected to however, Hive affords you censorship-resistance.

Front-ends are nothing more than that - Gateways to content stored on the immutable blockchain underneath.

They just choose to display the data that you publish to the immutable Hive blockchain - They don’t actually have the power to edit or remove it.

Meaning if you’re banned or censored from a front-end, you just plug your account into another with a set of rules/values that more aligns with your cause.

This is censorship-resistance that only a fully decentralised, underlying blockchain can offer.

Hive is censorship-resistant, while Mastodon is not.

A banner image to encourage those switching from Twitter, to try Hive instead.

Final thoughts on switching from Twitter to Hive instead of Mastodon.

If you choose to switch from Twitter to Mastodon, you will fail to find solutions to the problems of decentralisation, account ownership and censorship-resistance.

Switching to Hive instead of Mastodon on the other hand, offers solutions to them all.

If you’re a business, content creator or simply concerned that the message you’re putting out there is being manipulated in a way you never intended, then Hive is the solution.

Technical censorship-resistance and true freedom of speech for humanity.

All roads lead to Hive.

Best of probabilities to you.

PS. The best way to get a Hive account is by clicking the big get started button at the top right hand corner of this page and using your Twitter handle to sign up.

You’re then able to take full ownership of your account’s keys (when you’re ready of course) and gain all of the advantages that a Web3 Hive account account has to offer.

If you were switching from Twitter to Mastodon, you literally have nothing to lose by also trying Hive.

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Mastodon are a heavy metal band so I never understood what this social network was.
Was going to sign upto Mastadon to have a look but server I decided to try was full of Scottish Independence bollocks so will pass.

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I had the same initial reaction about the Mastodon name, thinking it was the band 😂.

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I think any alternative to Twitter won't feel the same but I see the same people who went there just going back to Twitter. I do think Hive can offer some advantages over the centralized entities but I think you can still be shadow banned (assuming you get muted).

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The simplest way of describing Mastodon is that it's just lots of little Twitters.

Mastodon servers can ban and restrict access to your account in just the same way as Twitter can.

They lack a truly decentralised, censorship-resistant base layer that affords users true account ownership.

Yep, like Hive.

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Great post, i will share on Twitter.

It might be a good idea to add links to the current #twitter like front ends in Hive for #microblogging, ie. @dbuzz and @leothreads

Keep up the good work bro.

Some free Hive-engine tokens for you: !PGM !PIZZA !LUV ¡LOL

the current twitter like front ends on Hive for microblogging

Yep, great idea.

Obviously I'd encourage anyone switching from Twitter that wants the same microblogging experience, to check out Threads.

But just remember that all Hive-based dApps can be accessed using your one Hive account.

Something you can't do on Mastodon as your accounts are tied to specific, centralised servers.

Hive shows the power of true Web3 social.

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I created a Mastodon account recently. I had one before, but the server shut down, so I was no better off than on some other platforms I used that died. I'm only really on there to stay in touch with some people. I was active on Twitter, but will use it less from now on. Of course I'd love everyone to come to Hive, but it's just not on the radar of most people despite the advantages.

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I'm only really on there to stay in touch with some people. I was active on Twitter,

Yep, this is all that regular people really care about - Being able to talk to their friends.

If they're not on your specific network, then there's no incentive for them to join.

Say Twitter does actually go down, I think we're going to be in for a fractured social media landscape for a while until a dominant player takes hold.

From a technical point of view, that should be Hive due to its ability to offer account ownership and true censorship-resistance.

But only time will tell...

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I'm pragmatic about what I use, but I prefer open platforms. I've been on too many social sites that shut down so I lost contact with people. I could see from the start that this blockchain had potential to endure. As long as we have witnesses it can keep going.

Hive is good with decentralization than other social media out there. We have complete control over our account. Again, if one gets banned in one front end, they can move over and utilize another. Everyone wins.

The key to Hive is that your data and followers are tied to your account.

Like you said, front-ends can regulate what they display, but not the data itself.

So while you're at risk of being banned by the Mastodon server that you signed up via, there is no risk of being banned by the Hive network.

Hive's model is far superior to Mastodon's.

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Though I've rarely even looked at Twitter, even back when it was sailing smoothly, this post of yours I decided to retweet!

Regarding censorship resistance, there are other ways to keep Nazis out (or communists, or any other kind of trolls you may not like): by giving out downvotes! In other words, it places responsibility into our own hands to keep our space clean - or live and let live, as we see fit. And yes, one can still end up on the receiving end of this, as I've seen it happen a lot during the height of the pandemic. Sure, seeing massive upvotes getting neutralized by equally massive downvotes is never fun! Still, at least here you don't get completely deplatformed, as it happened so much on web2 social media.

there are other ways to keep Nazis out (or communists, or any other kind of trolls you may not like)


Having freedom of speech doesn't mean you can get away with saying anything in a civilised, modern society.

Just like in real life in countries, clubs, groups etc, online communities have their own sets of guidelines and behaviours that are deemed socially acceptable.

When it comes to Hive-based dApps, community front-ends are tasked with self policing their communities via downvotes and whatever methods they see fit.

Each specific community doesn't have to choose to display your content.

But unlike on Mastodon where you lose your ability to speak if a server bans you, you can never be banned from your own Hive account.

The underlying Hive network always affords you the choice to continue to say whatever and behave however you want on your account.

It's up to you to then find another way of having your message displayed on other communities that may better fit with your ethos.

This is how true freedom of speech works!

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These problems being:

Account ownership

While I agree with the thrust of your post, I don't think that the people who are moving from Twitter to Mastodon will recognize these as the problems they have at Twitter. For that reason, they have to first come around to this before they will find this argument convincing.

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Yep, regular people just want to talk to their friends.

They will move to wherever their friends, or the most action is.

But the problems of decentralisation, account ownership and censorship-resistance are all that matters to businesses - Who I think will lead the shift from Web2 to Web3.

If you're a business that needs to put your message in front of your followers to make money, why on Earth would you risk basing your entire ability to conduct business on the whim of a centralised tech platform?

Once the penny drops and businesses realise that they can take control of their accounts and as such completely remove the risk of losing their followers, then they'll convince the normies to come too.

Just need that penny to drop and this current Twitter saga could be the defining moment.

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Signed up for an account days back, figured I needed to be fuckin approved to join then I was damn sure I could fuckin get deleted if I messed up one bit, lol, it's crazy, might have to dish some Introductory Guide to it, since many do not actually understand what should be called "censorship resistance", thankfully, this post will serve as an industry comment on it.

Definitely get some Mastodon content up on icoverage.

The more content that is out there talking about truly censorship-resistant social media like Hive, the better.

I say that not only as an investor in HIVE, but as a human being.

Censorship-resistant networks have the power to improve so many marginalised people's lives and truly change the world.

Hive is a vessel for good and needs to get out there! :)

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Your wish, is my command ish, :)

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