My first post to the Saturday Savers Club

in LeoFinance2 months ago

I was made aware of the Saturday Savers Club by @tengolotodo. So I took a look at it and I think the idea behind it is original and it promises to be a fun thing. And with the background of saving (or growing) money.

So I will publish my goals for 2022 here. Even though the year is almost over ;)

Main goal - HivePower

Original target 2022Adjusted target 2022Status 25 Sept
2000 HP1750 HP1438 HP

Secondary Goals - Staked HBD

Original target 2022Adjusted target 2022Status 25 Sept
100HBD100 HBD86HBD

I could go into much more detail now, because I have also set myself a few goals on the Hive Engine. Likewise with my card value at Splinterlands.

But I don't want to go beyond the scope of my first post here either ;)

I probably won't be able to give a status report here every Saturday, but once a month at least should be possible.

After all, on Saturdays I always have my Fred's Wheel of fortune
(Quick advertising shot in here) 😂


Welcome to Saturday Savers Fred!
Yes keep it simple and have fun.

I try so 😉

hehe good 👏👏👏

Hello @fredfettmeister. Fred's Wheel of fortune sounds interesting 😍