Because they (governments) are opening it back up and people are getting vaccinated... Pretty clear what is going on.

People are getting vaccinated!

Time to wake up now...

Maybe start with reading agenda 2030 if you like to get it from the source

Not sure what you are saying here...

I can see that...even if you are not interested in what is in those so called vaccines, you might be interested in some other side effects of agenda 2030 one day

Yes it effects cryptos... but too much red pill for you I guess...

I just keep my head in the sand and follow the green pill (money pill).

Many people do, but that only works as long as the plan says you get to have your own money, and long by 2030..that is not the plan, and bitcoin is not going to help with that. And that is why I'm all alts and view bitcoin as a trojan

If "they" don't let you have your own money, not sure how exactly you think they are going to let you have altcoins... irregardless going down your rabbit hole, how exactly does an economy operate if no one has their own money?

universal basic income and 500 million slaves

i'm not saying this will all happen but that is part of the plan... it is literally on their website and carved on a stone..

now who owns bitcoin? only go there when you are ready!

only a non approved alt coin can work around this control.

even if you think i'm an idiot, take note that im certainly not the only person saying this stuff... just because you don't see it on hive doesn't been it isn't being researched

Really all you need to know is look at the yields on the 10 yr Treasury to get an idea of where things are heading...

there are many things worth knowing and the us gov wont be telling you any of them