Are we Looking the Right Direction?

in LeoFinance2 months ago

All these days,i mean from the launch of this crypto rally and then,all of us involved in the game are pretty excited about BTC performance and we are trying to predict which record Up is gonna break and when.
i'm pretty sure every each one of us got himself in a conversation trying to predict numbers and time periods

As we put all of our energy around Bitcoin considering and not arguing about it that it is the Epicentre of Cryptoworld i think we miss a major opportunity to get a good slice from the crypto-pie

What i'm trying to say here is that if we assume Cryptoworld is Game of Thrones,we spend too much thought about the King-BTC while neglecting other factors of the game.I acknowledge BTC is the King and Ethereum is the Queen but which altcoin is the the 'Hand of the King'?


Don't you think it would be much more profitable for our wallets to try find 'the hand' and investing on it???
Of course you can say that the 'hand of the King' always gets slain so why to bother!
Do you have any suggestions??

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