First time learning to get DAI 😰

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Thanks to @craftsofluv for making this cute expression of me 😘

If you ask me about food I love, I can answer anytime; you ask me about crypto-currency trading?

I feel like my head is spinning!

I have heard about stable coins and I was interested on checking on how to get the stable coin that might hold stronger than USDT

@littlenewthings was planning to look for DAI to put into Nexo for interest accumulating; but she doesn't have enough. So I decided to chip in with her since she has been doing so well helping me accumulate HIVE Power dividend through @dses

If you talk about stock trading, I can relate too and it isn't as complicated as this.

Thanks to @dses's dividends I had 45 HIVE to use to chip in since she only has a little left to top it up.

And she has to teach me to bounce from one platform to another just to get DAI coins.

So Mah Fan !

(Troublesome in Cantonese)

After so many conversions!


Maybe I'd just let her do all the work and I pass HIVE to her if she ever needs extra to chip in again. 😂

This crypto business is too complex for me retiring brain. 😂


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Hence it is quite essential reason why direct peer-to-peer internal exchange among trustworthy community is something DSES strives out for.
And getting fiat to HIVE is one of the first easiest step to do so.

Yes! So hard to get people to buy HIVE though. I am one of the exceptional ones to help keep the Food Bank alive, and I have benefited nicely with your service to help me generate passive income too! 😂 Thank you!

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You can also trade WHIVE -> DAI on Uniswap :) But the ETH fees...

Yes! I just saw the fees went straight up. It was not that bad before 😭 😨

Bad news @fusion.lover we might need to scrap the idea of transferring DAI at the moment. Because it is over 35 DAI per transaction just the fees. 😭

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Nooooo! Are we too late?? What can we do now??

We can change it to a lower volatile crypto with low transaction fee like LTC, but dividen is much smaller.

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I am feeling depressed for you now @littlenewthings. You invested more than me into the exchange and you cannot do anything except to change back to LTC to move your funds around.

I found another thing to get into. Decided to turn DAI back to LTC and put your 9.97 USDT worth of HIVE into another use. Stay tuned for my upcoming post!

(making now as I am typing this)

Sorry just noticed that you tagged me. 😅