How I spent 10.101 HIVE for Maybe Passive Income?

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All these conversion from one crypto or token to another to get passive income is so tiring!

And then @weddinggift's article before caught my attention.

I wonder how much 10 HIVE can get me start up with?

Thanks to @littlenewthings for giving me a heads up to play the game a little smarter for this "investment". Because it has launched for a substatial of time and still gaining attention it is high time for me to look into how I can exercise what I observed in stocks to this.

These are pennies compared to thousands when you buy 1 lot of share at a time.

I think this is a fairly safe way to let what I have accumumated here grow.


My first impression I think this is a simple thing. If I get reputation, I can earn daily income, correct?

@littlenewthings told me before that I need to watch out marketplace for cheaper rates for my initial investment, instead of playing chance. So I should head over to check at marketplace.

She said not being an "early adopter" but knows the game later gives an advantage. 😂

The next thing she told me is that I need an income generating "card" and workers to help me generate income.

This sounds like monopoly game to me?

Only I don't have to play dice.


Fortunately marketplace is just right beside my profile. Very easy to find. 👍

So all I need to do is to find a card that is cheap enough to generate income.


This looks like a good place to start. I always love nature.

But it does not generate income?

Let's see others.

@littlenewthings told me to look at INFO for decision to purchase

I want minimal investment for best outcome.


This is a little more expensive but still cheaper than buy off a random card.

It only need 2 workers.

This looks like a good investment.


Next I need to find 2 people to tend the forest.


So one worker cost about this price. I need two; that means I will need to spend 0.758 HIVE


Oh but I noticed "Workers" has 2 population; so I will save more?

But it doesn't give me income.


However, if I look into Basic home, 1 "worker" will only cost me 0.35 HIVE but I need to invest on another card to allow them to work.



@littlenewthings mentioned that popularity is important, and although wind turbine is a good option and gives income, it minus my popularity but still earns less than a forest, even though it is a little cheaper than a forest.

7.169 HIVE spent for 9 SIM a day; maybe not too bad... even though SIM token cost less than HIVE today.


So I have my income earning daily now with no unemployment.


But so sad, even a game also has taxes.

Didn't a movie Meet Joe Black mentioned; Death and Taxes, you can never avoid?

So far spent is:

7.169 HIVE $1.71 USD


7 SIM a day $0.00623 USD

Break even time: 2,744 days 7 years 😂

Nevermind. Every 7 years I can feel there's a divine appointment. Maybe by then this is a good retirement game for me.

As far as I am concern. I like the display. Simple and adorable, although I am lost with a bit of the instructions of the game.

There is still time to learn.

And I don't need to do anything else, I believe?

Compared to a minimum USD $120 for 0.05 cents a day dividend, with a ratio of
0.36% ratio earnings on HIVE blockchain over 0.042% ratio increment for fiat in Malaysia, I think this is a good investment. 😂

I will look forward to add more in the future. I will let this "passive income" run for a few days.



Oh my goodness your extensive analysing on this game is really remarkable!

Well from 3 cards you already successfully saved so much more than mine and @elizacheng when we first started off. This can really be a good way to just set it aside and see how you can "build your empire" with it later 😂

Definitely have my 100% support for your detailed commenting for this app.

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ha ha ha.... you know me. I do research before I dive in.

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The analysis and details could be a huge thing!

Haha @joebanana what do you think of this analysis? 😂

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Thank you for the good comment!
Yes, do our own research, then we have no one else to blame but our own accountability.

Very true. I am so far happy with the little SIMs I received.