Smart Investment?

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Thank you @craftsofluv for helping me to make my avatar expression

I am once again put on the spot looking at my city to see how I can best navigate my investment for this game for my passive income.


I was very happy that I got enough to have a park, after convincing my group of friends to internal exchange with me across hive and hive-engine so that I will not need to deposit and loose 1% charges; only to realise that park actually has population itself.

It doesn't give much income but it does increase popularity and it works well with my forest theme.

But how do I navigate my additional workers so that I can have an optimised city without spending much right now?


Selling it off for SIM will just make me lose the cards if the prices later yield higher.

However I have seen @weddinggift's account about parking the cards aside for higher price so that no one wants to purchase it unless the person is crazy.

where I will just earn extra, hm 😜

So right now, I'll park aside my cards for now. Apart from my curating rewards encouraging other writers here, I think this is my next best most obvious side income I can have at the moment.

Not bad at all, @weddinggift; you suggested me a good deal. 😁

I am a busy woman. I can't keep coming back every day. This is purrfect for my busy life.


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