Splinterlands - Share Your Battle - Dax Paragon Edition!

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In this week’s “Share Your Battle” we are taking on a battle with Dax Paragon. A very useful card in many occasions and often seen in low mana battles. In this post we will talk about how and when to use this Life Card best. We will discuss possible cards to use it with and also take a look at an example battle. This time it is very special as I am using a Brawl match up as example which also means that we can get a peak at how Gladius Cards could be implemented in a battle as well as how they might affect the next meta in this game! With this being said, let’s jump straight into it!

Dax Paragon

Let’s begin with the card to watch: Dax Paragon. For a cost of 2 mana this epic card is giving us 1 magic attack with 2 speed and 3 health on the base level. Not a bad card to play if you only have a few mana points left to spend. Not only can he attack from any position we want, but has also a good amount of health of such a cheap card. Already on the second level we can get the Amplify Ability which is very great with Thorns, Magic Reflect or Return Fire rulesets or monsters that have these abilities.


I think that his card is best used in battles where high mana cards are not used like Little League. Furthermore, I would avoid using this card in battles with Poison and Earthquake since the Health of this card wont allow us to use it longer than a few rounds. I think in general this card can be a great support card. Especially against Magic teams since the Life Splinter has a few Magic Reflect cards. It is certainly a card that I like to use but rather play with more expensive cards if I have the mana available.

Strategy & Cards!

Well, in this battle that we are about to discuss we did not have a lot of mana to spend. In order to be precise we only had 24 mana to spend. This means that Dax definitely was an option from the beginning. I chose to put a Magic heavy team onto the field since Magic Attacks are very overpowered so far. This is why I chose Time Mage and Captain Katie as my main components. With the latter we are able to slow down our enemy which means that we are likely to attack firs tin these battles. On top of that we have a good amount of damage and for just 4 mana, we are definitely fulfilling the expectations.

Captain Katie on the other hand is just a beast from another world! Not only because of the Sniper Ability but also because of her Bloodlust Ability. For 7 mana, she is definitely on the higher end of the price segment but she makes up for that with 6 health and 3 attacking mana. This means that her chance to kill opponents is very high, especially in a low mana ruleset. This also means that with each killed opponent her stats are getting boosted and the stronger she gets, the higher the probability to kill monsters. It is just a snowball effect that is cascading into a great monster!

Bild2.png Bild3.png

With the remaining mana we also need some monsters that allow us to fulfill our strategy by taking hits as well as maybe hit the one or other shot. With not much mana left, I selected the Blinding Reflector and the Sunaki Harvester as my final cards. Both of these cards have not the greatest of attacks but definitely enough hit points for our magic cards to deal enough damage so that we can come out victorious. Especially for Captain Katie these extra turns are very important so she can bump up her stats as safely a spossible.

Bild4.png Bild5.png

Example Battle

With this being said, we will need to talk about the actual battle. We were up against a very tricky opponent that selected the water Splinter which is always a great choice! With a strong tank and a great back line with two Opportunity cards, we quickly saw our backline under attack. Luckily for us we were able to build up enough bumpers for us to be able to absorb the first round. This also played into our cards since we were immediately able to make the first few kills. This also meant that our Captain would become stronger which also meant that we were able to kill monsters more efficiently! After only 3 rounds we already had 3 kills which bumped her stats into oblivion. There was no coming back for our opponent no matter how good his team was in the beginning. In the end we won this match up very comfortably and almost without effort!



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