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Alright guys, another week another share your battle competition. This time around it is time to battle with Djinn Inferni. Unfortunately for me I don not own this cool epic Fire Card. This is the reason why I decided to show you guys another cool combination of a team. I will first explain to you the circumstances and the idea behind this team. Then we will talk with you about the tank, before showing you the dream team of cards that are making this build work. With that being said, I dare you to give this strategy a try!


So the first thing we need to talk about are the moments that you decide to play this build. This moment is when you realize that you do not have much mana to spend. This means that your opponent and you will not have the greatest cards possible which also means that the attack of these cards are limited. In our case we had 15 mana available.

Furthermore, we need to select monsters that have armor in order for this strategy to work. This is best done when the armor is provided by the summoner. This is why it is crucial to select Kelya as summoner. Not only because of the additional armor but also because of a card that we need later one but this card will be possible to take in other Splinters as well. Anyways, in my experience it works best with the Water Splinter.

Rechargeable Tank

With the first important card of this team, we need to talk about the rechargeable tank. What do I mean by that? Well it is rechargeable because it has a Self-Heal Ability. This means that each turn it will restore a portion of its health. Because the opponent’s monsters are not as strong, this regeneration could be enough to last for a few arounds, or do we have a chance to drag it out even more?

Despite this, the card has some pretty good stats as well. For only 4 mana we are also getting 3 Speed and 6 health which is pretty solid. Yes the attacking force itself will get a little bit left behind, but who is needing that if your card can literally survive for ever?


The Hearth Of This Build

This brings me to the hearth of this whole build. It consists out of two cards and if played right it can guarantee you invincibility in one battle! What do I mean by that? Well, there are certain card types that allow you to restore health as well as Armor with the help of the ability of the Tank Heal and Repair Abilities. In this specific use case we are exploiting the fact that our opponent does not have enough attack force to break trough our tank by constantly healing him up and repairing his armor.

We are doing this with the two cards below. The Scavo Hireling is responsible for keeping up our armor. To be honest, it is not always targeting the tank. In some cases like in our battle it will actually target the card that lost the most armor in the previous round and to be honest, this was the reason why we were able to keep the battle running so good. More on that during the battle review later on. The card is costing us 3 mana, so pretty within budget but has unfortunately no attack himself. That is alright as long as we can do some damage with our tank.

The second card is the Merdaali Guardian. This card is the one responsible for keeping our tank in tact by additionally supplying him with health if needed. This keeps our tank afloat and helps us protecting all the other cards. For just 3 mana, this card has pretty much the same functionality as the Scavo before. It also has no attack but is there to do its job.

Bild2.png Bild3.png

Example Battle

Now for the moment we have all been waiting for: Will this strategy work? Well, before we start: we had 15 mana to spend which is why I was able to sneak in 2 more cards as fillers. Their real only use is to help us distract the opponent’s attacking force that might come from the back or in a form of Opportunity attacks. This worked like planned as our card in the second position will occupy their Opportunity card for the eternity of time! Due to the Repair mechanism, he will never be able to kill this card, while I am slowly but surely working my way trough his team with my tank as my only source of damage.

This strategy worked perfectly well as his monsters were just not able to keep up with the amount of repair and healing I was able to provide. Because I needed to sacrifice some attacking force the battle took us up to 22 rounds where fatigue started to kick in and helped us to destroy the rest of his team as well as our whole team with exception of our tank who was basically stayed in great shape for the whole time!



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