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It is that time of the week again: Share Your Battle Time! This week’s challenge is to battle with Nerissa Tridawn, an epic water card which is pretty sick once you used it a bit. Maybe not one of my favorites but definitely a very strong card to consider. In this article we will talk about Nerissa’s pros and cons as well discuss the strategy that we will be following during our battle. In the end we will also discuss the battle that I will be presenting. With that being said, let’s jump straight into it!

Nerissa Tridawn

Looking at Nerissa, there is nothing special to mention on first glance. The card has no ability throughout her levels and seems rather unspectacular compared to other cards. While many people would hesitate to use such a card, I think you this card is just honest. You know straight away what you are getting and this card has no power drop if there is a ruleset that is disallowing any kind of Abilities.

On top of that, this card is a magic attacker and comes with 3 magic attack, which is already amazing by itself. It costs us 9 mana to play it, but is definitely a good card to play in high mana battles. With 9 health and a speed of two, this card is well balanced and even makes a great tank if the necessary. All in all this card is a great damage dealer and can not be missed in any deck at the moment.


Battle Ruleset & Strategy

Like expected, this card is very pragmatic which is why we should move on to the strategy for the upcoming battle. This will be dominated by the Earthquake Abiltiy which will harm all of our non-flying cards each turn with 2 damage. With this in mind, our strategy will be to deal as much damage as possible while trying to avoid the damage from Earthquake as efficiently as possible.

For the first point, there are certain cards that can always be used and should always be used in a battle. For starters, it is Djinn Oshannus. This card is an absolute must-have and just irreplaceable for me at the moment. With 2 magic attack, 5 speed and 10 health, this card is an absolute chef’s kiss. Additionally, it has the Void Ability which makes it a little more resistant against magic attacks. With this card we will definitely be able to deal a good amount of damage.


In the tank position I decided to go with another Djinn. This time Djinn Chwala which already indicates that I decided to go into the dragon direction. Anyhow, this tank is absolutely amazing. Not only can we deal 3 melee damage, it has also 5 armor and 9 health to spare. On top of that we will deal some extra damage with the Thorns ability which will hurt our opponent each turn even more. With this in mind we are already pretty heavy on damage, but it is definitely not enough.


Nevertheless, we still have to keep our second commandment in mind: taking as less damage as possible from the Earthquake ruleset. This means that we need cards that can fly and what are dragons known for especially? Correct, they can fly! This is why I decided to fill up my team with the following three dragons: The Chaos Dragon is one of my favorite cards in recent times. Not only can it deal 3 magic damage which goes trough the regular armor but it also has 3 speed, 4 armor and 10 health which makes him a very strong card overall. With its Scatter Shot ability, we are also able to neglect possible Taunts on our way to victory.

The other two Dragons are Void Dragon and Zyvax Vuul. While the first one is another magic attacker and has an additional Void Ability, the latter one in a Ranged Attacker which will attack every second turn but with the triple of the points. This means that we will deal a very healthy amount of damage and it will depend on how well our opponent will deal with the Earthquake problem himself.

Bild4.png Bild5.png Bild6.png

Example Battle

This leads us straight to the example battle that I want to take a look with you. Going into this battle, we realize that our opponent chose the Earth Magic combination which is a very strong comb in general. On top of that he is taking advantage of the additional Opportunity ability which allows him to attack with any kind of Melee Attacker from all positions. This means that he heavily focused on the damage part of his team. Unfortunately for him, he only had one card that has the flying ability which will deal him a lot of damage each turn through the Earth quake Ability.

In general, he was able to deal more damage per turn, but with the good amount of health on our cards and the flying advantage that we were able to generate, we were able to keep up with his attacking force. In the end, why not just let nature handle the dirty work for us? Ultimately, we were able to win this hard battle with only our Chaos Dragon on the field.



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On 27th January 2023


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