One Splinterlands Goal Getting Closer and One Decreased to Match Reality * My Hive Goals (Week 21, 2023)

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This is a short sum-up table with the state of my goals in easier TLDR form. The table has only some information, so if you want details, they can be found in the post.

Current State/Other Selection CriterionGoals Matching the Criterion
Ongoing5 (HP + HBD Savings, LEO Staked, Comments Made, DEC Saved 2, Maxed Cards for Staking on Land)
Completed Main Goals0
Completed Goals1 (DEC-B Saved)
Main goals3 (HP + HBD Savings, LEO Staked, Comments Made)
Goals2 (Maxed Cards for Staking on Land, DEC Saved 2)
New Goals2 (Maxed Cards for Staking on Land, DEC Saved 2)
Increased Goals3 (HBD target for HP+HBD Main Goal - twice, DEC-B Saved)
Decreased Goals2 (Comments Made, Maxed Cards for Staking on Land - stage 1)


I include a link to the initial goal-setting post for 2023, for reference, if needed.

Ok, it was time to stop fooling around and decrease the card staking goal (stage 1) from 220 to 120 cards, and introduce another intermediary step later on (date undecided). I practically had this goal on hold for months until DEC saving was completed.

I also unstaked 15k SPS for the time being to help with the DEC saving goal. It's likely next week this goal will be completed, with or without the help of another unstake.

Let's see what changed since last week regarding my Hive goals.

HIVE Power (HP) + HBD in Savings Main Goal

My staked HP is currently at 30,034, and I have enough liquid HIVE in expectation of the HPUD coming in a few days. I started to add a little bit more to HBD in savings, to have what to use when I'll need it in the future. HBD in savings is currently at 526 and expecting the interest to be paid in a few days too.

Here's what the evolution of the HP+HBD goal looks like:


I'll need to have one of the targets (HBD or HIVE) reached to consider this goal completed.

If a target becomes too easy, I may increase the target, but not forever. Just like the market can play against your targets, they can play in their favor too.

LEO Staked Main Goal

I staked 209 LEO since last week. I wanted to wait until I had 400 LEO to complete another Zealy quest, but the end of the month is getting close and I hope to meet the guideline.


Another 129 LEO to stake in about 3 days to reach this month's guideline. Hmm, let's see if I can make it.

Splinterlands Land Expansion Main Focus

Land expansion's main focus extends throughout 2023. Unless I change the strategy, it will be the only main focus / main goal for Splinterlands in 2023. But there will be several 1-3 months goals.

First Land-Related Goal: DEC/DEC-B Saved - Completed

This goal is COMPLETED.

Deadline (passed): When DEC-B offer runs out, either because all were sold out or because the time limit was reached (April 9th).

Target to consider the goal completed: 1.5 mil. DEC-B saved. Done!

DEC Saved 2 Goal

Deadline stage 1: June (but sooner if possible).
Deadline stage 2: ?
Deadline stage 3: End of 2023?

Target to consider the goal completed:

  • stage 1: 1.2m DEC
  • stage 2 (will become DEC Saved 3 Goal): 2.2 DEC (1m additional DEC)
  • stage 3 (will become DEC Saved 4 Goal): 5 DEC (2.8m additional DEC)

Current situation: 485k x 2 DEC (in SWAP.HIVE/DEC & SPS/DEC) = 970k DEC (+408k).

Note: 15k SPS unstaked and moved to SPS/DEC for the time being. Looks like I need another week at least to complete this goal.

New Land-Related Goal: Maxed Cards for Staking on Land

Unless very cheap cards are on the market, this goal is on hold until I reach DEC Saved 2 Goal (stage 1).

The purpose of this goal is to build the amount of maxed-level cards I need for staking on my tract.

We will need to fill 5 slots per plot with staked cards, without requiring summoners (that doesn't mean they can't be used as regular cards).

So, what are the details of this goal?


  • stage 1: June 2023
  • stage 1.5: ???
  • stage 2: End of 2023 (this will be a new goal)

The total number of maxed-level* cards needed for staking on land: 500 (5 x 100).

  • stage 1: need 120 cards for land by the deadline (decreased from 220)
    • stretch goal: have optimized cards for 24 plots
  • stage 1.5: need 220 cards for land by the deadline
  • stage 2: have 500 cards for land
    • stretch goal: have optimized cards for 44 plots

(*) any card with at least 1000 PP suitable for the terrain types I own will do (better for better plots); doesn't have to be maxed

Current situation total: 117 / 500 (23.4%)

Current situation stage 1: 115 / 120

Time remaining until Stage 1 deadline: ~2 weeks

Note: Currently no progress here. My focus is on DEC. Without DEC, I can have as many cards as I want, they are useless for land.

I could probably add some more cards from my deck if I'll need to (some are probably underutilized in my playing deck). New soulbound reward cards are options too.

Comments Made

Original goal: 18k, REDUCED to 17k, by the end of 2023.

I started this week with a total of 13797 comments made.

Ended the week with 13855 comments made, which brings the number of my comments this week to 58, which is quite low.

I now need an average of 102 to reach the goal of 17k.


Weekly Buy - LBI

With more action on the price of LEO, I bought a few LBI to round up the number of tokens I had.


I'm trying to have some money so that I can save HBD and get 20% at the end of every month
That seems to be good

For a coin that is relatively stable 20% APR is impressive and you will unlikely find a better offer elsewhere. But it depends on what you want. HBD is pegged to the dollar and 20% APR is the most you will receive, but if altcoins (including HIVE) start rallying, they can go up more than 20% sometimes in a matter of weeks.

That is just too many goals and tokens, but am glad that you got it all in control swapping one for the other. And with no pressure you will meet all the goals, it is just a challenge and not a competition..
You have done so well thus far.
Keep it up, my best wishes

Not all goals are at the same time, but you are right, they are pulling me in different directions and none of them are easy (well, maybe the comments one if I had time and energy to only focused on it).

Sounds like you are making good progress on the Land Goals. I will need a bit more DEC to fully utilize my cards. I'll try to win a plot in the burnator contest.

The anniversary event might be worth it. I just can't participate since I have no DEC to spare, lol.

Good job! Making good progress!

Thanks. Yeah, I needed to push it. Land 1.5 is almost here.


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The land stuff seems so complicated and it looks like people will be working very hard at collecting cards to maximize the land production rates. Good process on the rest of your goals and it's too bad to hear about the SPS unstaking.

Good job @gadrian Your numbers are very impressive! Barb 😊👍 !BBH !CTP