Progress on Maxing Out Soulbound Reward Cards

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The soulbound reward cards which were introduced at the end of January to Splinterlands ranked battle loot chests, change to some degree the way the game is played.

It is not as easy to max out these cards since you can't buy them from the market, and you can't rent them from the market.

Where in the past investors might have kept reward cards as singles with the intention to either rent them out to low level accounts or, more likely, to sell them when the price goes up, with the soulbound reward cards this strategy may not work.

At least it doesn't work if you also find them useful in battles and would like to play them. In this case, combining them to the max level you play at is probably what you do.

That is what I do anyway. I keep upgrading my soulbound reward cards for two purposes:

  • to play them in battles where appropriate
  • maybe to use the GF versions on land if their PP will be satisfactory

During this week's town hall, Matt was asked something like "Did you calculate how much it would take for an account to max out the soulbound reward cards? "

He answered something like: "I calculated that a player from Champion League should need about 6 months to max out a common soulbound reward card."

Both quotes are from memory, so please excuse any inadvertence.

Based on this information and the fact soulbound reward cards were released on January 31st, I'd expect maxing out for common cards to start happening around the beginning of July.

So, I was curious where I was in this process. This is my soulbound reward card most advanced in the leveling-up process:

It's level 8/10, but a little over half in terms of needed BCX: 245/400.

But I only have 2 more common cards at level 8, a bunch at level 7 and even cards at level 6 or lower.

And the common cards are the ones doing the best.

For epics, some of my cards reached level 3/6, and the others are lower level, so there's a long way to go.

For legendaries, I seemed to be in luck with one of them, which is at level 3/4, but otherwise two are at 2/4 and the rest are at 1/4, if I'm lucky to have them.

I play regularly in Champion League, but haven't always been the case.

To me, having at least one maxed out common soulbound reward card by July seems kind of difficult to achieve.

I'm thinking my reward cards will start to max out in the autumn, more likely. But it would be nice if many of them would be maxed by the time Land 2.0 arrives, to open up more options.

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Sweet all the way to level 8, my highest soulbound is 6 or 7. Slowly but surely it just takes a lot of time and some luck!

You're not that far. I only have 3 of them at level 8, the majority are level 7 or 6 or even lower (depending on how they came up in the loot chests).

These new cards have really changed the battles. I'm seeing more and more interesting combinations that beat the opponent's higher level cards. It's become more interesting to play).

I play silver-gold, so I'm very slow to collect these cards. But I've already collected some level 5 too, which also helps the game quite a bit).


Yeah, I usually play silver in brawls and I get my ass kicked by players who know to play these cards very well. I still haven't gotten used to them entirely. Too many options to choose from.

Yes, there really are a lot of options)

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You are doing quite well in terms of upgrading the cards and I am not sure how they calculated the math for July. Maybe, they were expecting someone with a higher win rate?

I think in the first few months of the year I didn't reach CL or maybe just a bit at the end. So I earned fewer loot chests than someone who is constantly in CL. And maybe he calculated it for someone in CL1. I only reached CL1 in one season, I think.

How he calculated it? Probably using some averages based on how many chests they win per season and how many of them are reward cards. But here we have to factor in how many of them are common cards and how many are regular. Quite a few factors. Matt didn't give a precise date, because he couldn't have, more like an estimation.

Hi @gadrian good luck with maxing out your soulbound reward card. Why did they make it so hard to max out? Have a great day. Barb !BBH !CTP

Well, some games are supposed to be like that... hard. To give top players something to thrive for. If they were too easy, top players would lose motivation.

Yes that's true @gadrian 😊 !BBH !CTP Have a nice weekend!

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Yeah, You are saying right. I also agree to these terms.

Agree to what you've mentioned!

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