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RE: What Hive Is Missing: The App To Bring In The Users

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flow is new to me, I've never heard it before.

Does anyone know how Flow compares to Hive or Ethereum or Cardano?
I had no idea I had never heard of it, I had never asked myself.
We already lost if from the beginning we are giving them to take care of their keys some small 40-digit keys that are impossible to learn.
You know I wanted to buy the old Steem with my credit card, thank God I did not do better today I would be crying in a sea of ​​losses of 500%
Exactly because of those complications of not knowing how to use their hundreds of keys, we are not the same, there I am with my 10 accounts that I have created for disabled friends who were disappointed on the first try.
Hopefully they implement those big changes to make things easier, like facebook twitter or insta, so that people do not get disappointed and as they take flavor they will see how to enter.
Voice I got the invitation and sent them through a tube when I was fucking with taking a photo and fill it here and fill it there, if I put a photo it will be one that I want, not the one that they force me to take, therefore, do not enter there is the I code waiting for it to enter but to complete the kyc do not screw me
There they stayed, who cares. I am the one who loses by not entering or are they who lose that I share everything I know on their platform for a few pennies, no sir, ever.
Let's wait until I read and hopefully solve that, I think that before massing my banners I will wait for Leo so that people do not find it difficult and feel that he is learning without effort.
Well then I'll wait to change this to make it easier to retain the masses.