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RE: 10 Ways To Be Successful On Hive

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you have put the last one the most complicated which is forgetting the price, I think many here have not learned the lesson especially when this up come like a swarm looking for juicy profits but do not know that the value remains the same, ie the value is built at low prices, and at high prices profits are taken or the holding is increased, but many here ignore this little detail.
The other thing the constancy I loved it, many go this way , that way have a multiform blog like mine jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa but 90% of the niche you must be constant always do not get out of your niche.
Unfortunately I can not join twitter at the moment I hope to do it soon once I get white project there if I'm going to enter with the largest of the groups.
Wow, this is difficult but we are going to do it little by little.
by the way sorry to be late, i really do a little busy to comment but i always try to read good contents.
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We all can only do what we can.

Some have more time than others. While the Web 2.0 is a way to promote what we are doing, we still need people to post comments and engage on Hive.

It is something that cant be overlooked.

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Yes my lord, we try to do it, but it is hard, and the new users don't want to, they all want the easy life, before I gave away some hive accounts that are there abandoned because nobody wants to do something to improve their financial situation is something complicated, but well we are still here trying to encourage people to follow the right path, and well, someday someone will be encouraged I am sure for now I feel that I am not doing my homework diligently.

I hear you.

The only thing I can say is they are the ones who will miss out. You know where your future bread is buttered @galberto and you keep showing up and engaging.

What goes into your wallet will enjoy the future runs. The fact their wallets are abandoned, well that is what the payout will be.

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