Twitter Takeover

in LeoFinance7 months ago


Well Elon Musk finally made true on his promise and bought Twitter. How did he finance the buyout? With personal assets, even selling some Tesla stock, loans and of course with help from other investors, some of which are even now receiving a lot of bad publicity from many sources.

One example is the Saudi Arabian royal family member and one of the richest investors in the World, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz who seems to have put up $1.9 billion. This is seen, according to MSM, as a security risk, especially for Saudi Arabian dissidents. Personally I wouldn't even mind online platforms taking an interest in me, boy would they be wasting their time.

But frankly I think Mr. Musk has started out this challenge in a not so smart way, he is firing people all over the place. I am sure he is firing in this all out intent to do things his way, people whom he will later be sorry he fired. People who know all the intricacies of how Twitter works. And I don't mean the big shots, I mean the ordinary employees who usually do the harder more important work in a company and are never visible. There is no way that in a week Mr. Musk knows whom he should or shouldn't fire. Yes, the management is probably a completely reasonable group to change as he might expect these guys to resist the changes he wants. But 80% of the workforce, wow, I really think he is wrong there.

Now, of course, the guy is a genius whose moves I sometimes like and sometimes don't, so being a genius and the most successful of all geniuses at least financially perhaps he is using some logic I am unaware of to make these changes, so I will allow him the benefit of doubt on this. We shall see, and I think very soon, if this purchase was a good idea. I really don't believe too much in this free speech thing, mainly because it seems free speech is good if it agrees with what I think but should not allow what I don't agree with. Free is free, everything has to go, if you don't like it just don't read it. Too many people act like little kids when things don't suit them.