A Monday Night Football Pool Giveaway Spot! & Quick CheckIn! 🏈📈

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Mid Day Giveaway! ⬆️ & CheckIn 📈


6 spots taken ⬆️ plus the one I’m giving away above so 3 left! Anyone interested send 1 HBD to me with NFL or Contest in memo.. for rules and more info check out the post below


Then just a midday jam 🙌



I think it can change every single week. Why don't you just create a total prize pool and allocate the 10 spots. If a few of them are not filled and that number is picked, you roll again until it lands on someone with a spot? It's probably more work though so I am not sure.

That's actually a great idea if you don't sell all the numbers. Roll the jackpot over.

Maybe there are too many sports betting gigs going on. I may just jump in by Saturday for the fun of it.

You definitely should try this. No skill needed.

You're in. On me. Good luck.

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The jam is indeed a nice jam
So cool!

That jam has shots of whiskey written all over it. Wonder why they're so mad?

There girlfriends dumped em and mommy’s didn’t hug em enough!

Well that explains it..