I don't know but: and look easy

Great news!

You can gift them an account. I prefer peakd. Go to wallet>delegate>claim acct token, then create acct.

I think that either the @ecency app or front end would be a good way to get them setUP! I’ve also used the @Actifit front end as it’s a pretty easy process. 👍

In terms of a wait list or time? Is there one?

There is no waiting time, you get emails instantly. Only caveat from single IP we allow only one signup, if your friends are connecting from different or mobile internet, they should be setup in matter of seconds. Your referral on Ecency:

Just sent them the link 🤟👍

Yup there doing it themselves👍
Perfect. It got easier over the years!

Glad you got it! Sorry I got stuck.

Stop it! No Sorry allowed . You are the effen best😃. Hmm side note give me a decade (70,s ,80,s ,2000,s) anywhere between 1965 and 2021


Or the 80's

PeakD.. you can make them a account in 2 minutes

Yes... It seems that you have enough help!

indeed! But thank you for coming by to check 😃

I always do come. @geneeverett!

You do indeed🤟
Much respect ✊

Give them your referral Link I think that should be easiest.

Where do I find that? I never knew 🤷🏼‍♂️

I'll send it to you in 5 minutes when I get home

I used Ecency and it's pretty slick, but I am so used to PeakD as my regular front end. Meanwhile Leofinance, I am partly stuck to but has it's issues.

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