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Hi and welcome to my first post on the move-to-earn crypto series.
Personally I'm a crypto enthusiast since long ago and like for many others, my journey has been and still is something more like a roller coaster then a simple stroll. By the way its not my life story I wish to share in this post(s)

Returning on topic, the first and most important question someone evaluating to invest in this kind of project is: why? Why should any one even bother about this kind of (tipically) mobile apps?

The answer in my case is really simple and starts with another question: Why not?

I'll try to explain:

You already move, if not, you should.

Science has already discovered and clarified without any possible coherent opposing argumentation that to promote an healthy life style, physical movement have to be a consistent part of our lives on even with healthy nutrition habits. The best aspect about these 2 parameters opposing to genetics for example, is that those 2 are completely under our control.
Ok, it can be hard to go out for a walk or jog or to eat the right things instead of junk food if we are not trained into those disciplines, but mindset can always be improved. Your body and your mind are infact the ONLY things you can control in your life...

A welcome boost

The foreword about move to earn so is: I have to make daily consistent physical activity as a long term part of my life and I can to do it free of charge to stay healthy, what about if I could do that and even earn some rewards? Gamefication arrived in our lives long before BTC and Web3: compensation amplifies motivation.
As you know in crypto space any reward in the form of token or coin also has an economic value, so the rewards could be worth something more then nothing, after all.

Too good to be true?

Ok then so any move to earn app will make everyone healthy and also rich in the meantime?!?
Unfortunately not. And as you can probably suspect, like often happens in crypto space the majority of the projects:

  1. have deadly flaws,
  2. die even if they were good ones due to external factors, like major crypto exchanges collapse, to name just a random recent event many people believed impossible
  3. are nothing else then ponzi schemes
  4. Are scams
  5. whatever

So, how to navigate into this steep territory?

Unfortunately there is not a simple, straight to the point answer, there are many variables to evaluate and keep in mind and ultemately there is not a one size fits all solution.

Practice makes you better

I can only say what I do, which ultimately is a combination of:

study, evaluate, experiment, try, make mistakes, learn and repeat.

Sharing is caring

Now I wish to share my experience with anyone interested, because I think that sharing is a staple of the web3 journey, which in its promises will permit a more equal redistribution of wealth (no, it will not make everyone rich, I'm sorry, I don't think so).

A little more details of my vision

Move to earn apps share several features with the play to earn movement but has one particular adavantage above those apps, as you can play only one game per each moment of the day and unless you are a young person or have a lot of spare time for any reason, you probably have a very limited time to spare (or waste) in gaming. On the other hand nothing can prevent you to join all the move to earn applications you wish, sharing the same 10k (no, they are not that many) steps per day you take. And infact its exactly what I and many others do.

Another aspect which for me is extremely important as an investor but even more as an end user, is that I only invest my resources (we are not recessarily speaking about financial resources, but also mental energy, time, and so on and so forth) using an app just because "one day, may be, I could earn something". At my age I dont want to waste my time doing something I don't like to do. I wish to have a pleasing experience even when I use any "whatever to earn" thing. This way I never feel obsessed by what I do every single day and ultimately enjoy my time.

At the end of the day here I'll share my experience with crypto projects I like, which I think has a future, and possibly make me earn something in the long term.

Nothing I write and share here is and will never be a financial advice.

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