Too young to invest? Think again

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It is not uncommon to see the youths of this time earning as much as the older generation, even more, many opportunities the internet has provided us have made it much easier, take Hive for instance, it has provided us with the opportunity to earn while doing what we love to do, writing, at the comfort of our home, some of us are musicians, or doing well in other creative fields, but one common problem among the youths is that just because of their young age, they feel they are too young to invest, they rather spend their money on instant gratification, you see them buying the latest iPhones, cars, designer clothings when they should use this golden opportunity to invest. Wonder why I can't stop being in awe of the wonders of Hive blockchain, that's because apart from earning, it also provides us with the opportunity to invest effortlessly, and not just option is available, investment on Hive includes growing your HP, investing on hive engine tokens, using the HBD saving option and earning 20% APR interest, delegation, etc, we are presented with so many opportunities to choose from.

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Investing at a young age is a smart move that can yield many benefits and set us to financial success and less stress in the future, and I will be providing us with reasons why it's not too young to invest now.

1. The power of compound growth

The mistake most of us make is thinking we have so much time, then we relax instead of using the time to our advantage, the best thing to have as an investor is time, the earlier you start investing, the more time you have, and the more your interest grows, take advantage of compound interest, rather than use the time as an excuse, use it to your advantage. Why waste a decade on spending, imaging If you invested little of your income in all your 2O's, how well will you be in your 30's and 40's

2. Risk Taking

Imagine 2 men earning $200 monthly, one is single and younger while the other is married and older, both presented with an opportunity to invest $100 monthly for some period which promises to yield a huge return, who do you think is likely to take the risk? the first having fewer responsibilities and just himself to take care of, would easily manage himself throughout that period, while the other would not, not because he doesn't, but because he has a wife and possibly children to cater to, so he is less likely to take on the risk. it's better to seize this opportunity to take risks when you are young with fewer responsibilities than wait until your risk tolerance decreases with more responsibilities.

3. Long-term goals

most of our long-term goals such as buying a house, or bringing our dream business to reality require a lot of money and planning, when you start working on these goals as early as you can, making your investments align with your goals, it makes it easy for you to achieve, giving you enough time to invest and not you stressing to achieve them at an older age then the stress taking a toll on your health, do it now while you can.

4. You Learn as you grow

Investing at a young age provides us with the opportunity to learn a lot as we grow, when we fail or succeed, these experiences provide us with new knowledge which makes us better investors and equipped with enough knowledge to make wise financial decisions, investment strategies and the importance of diversification, our older years, we even become mentors to the generation after us, looking back, we would be proud of how far we've come. A lot of older generation are full of regrets and still struggling, wishing they could turn back the hands of time, they don't have the opportunity or even energy they had in their hay days anymore, making life tiring for them now, you don't want for yourself, trust me, so start investing, you are not too young.

5. Build Wealth

The richest men in the world today, most didn't suddenly become rich or even come from a rich background, their wealth was built over time, some as early as teens, they might not have been taken seriously then, but look at them now, the key to building wealth over time is investment, the earlier you start, the higher your returns, giving you a strong financial found ation.

6 You become disciplined

The reason why a lot of youth end up spending to satisfy all their want because they have the money is the lack of discipline, wanting to show they are on top of the world and can afford all they want, satisfying yourself with these wants is not bad, but going all out on a spending spree without any saving or investment is bad. When you take your investment and goals seriously, you cultivate the act of discipline, which is very important for anyone who seeks financial stability, investing early builds your discipline over time and it becomes a part of you.

7. Retirements come soon

you don't need to reach the actual retirement age before thinking of retiring when you have your investment working for you in your 40's for instance, no one or anything is stopping you from retiring, you can spend quality time with your family and live a healthy life enjoying the fruits of your early investments. Retirement doesn't have to be a distant concept, you can bring it closer and enjoy financial freedom earlier in life.


You think you are too young to invest? Think again, if you desire financial freedom, investing early is one thing you should acknowledge, by embracing the opportunities presented to you as a young individuals can pave the way for a future that is financially secure, fulfilling, and free from unnecessary stress, the earlier you start, the better for you, so take advantage of the time you have now and ship your self to a stable financial future.

Thank you for reading.❤❤

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I think investing from the young age is a smart decision and very few young people take such kind of steps. I think most of young people are emotional and they mostly focus on their enjoyment and they don't think too much about investment. I discussed about it one of my friends but from his prespective he said " I am currently young and the enjoyment I am getting by buying things won't enjoy when we will be matured. I am feeling happiness whatever I am doing. I don't want to regret in the future thinking that I haven't done the thing in my youth time. There is no guarantee of life and I love to enjoy each moment and I don't want to bother myself for so called mature human. Whatever will happen in the future I will bear it. "

I think from his prespective he was not wrong also.

This was just brilliant glorydee. I like how well you convinced the masses that investing while still young should be a priority. With the way things are going, any youngling who has not thought towards investment and who is still thinking of squandering their funds unnecessarily is heading towards a bad end and a very high speed.

This was an amazing post.


I have a family that bought shares for their children even before giving birth, the man invest using the children name and he said that is the money he will use to see them through school, investing when young is the best because when reaping it will amaze u

You really know how powerful investment can be in someones life , you have really changed my mindset , I really need to start investing.

Thank you for sharing


Investment is a nice thing. when you Invest in anything it is for future use.

Honestly, it really pays to invest early and these days I have seen parents do so for their children and handle it for them until they becomeof age to take over.

Thanks for sharing.

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