Why I love HIVE / HIVEの好きなところ(English&Japanese)

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I love the solidity of HIVE

Why do I love HIVE?

There are many great things about HIVE: it is a decentralized platform, fast transactions.... But what I like most is its sobriety or solidity.... I think it's the fact that it has the potential to grow a large asset by continuing to work hard.

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In the first half of 2022, I left HIVE and played several NFT games. Some were profitable, some were abruptly discontinued and the tokens and NFTs became worthless. Every day on Twitter, I would see reports of gains and withdrawals from each game. Each time, all I could think about was timing, wondering when I should exit. I don't really remember if the games themselves were fun or not... I wasn't particularly fond of the games to begin with, and now that I think about it, it may be that I did it for speculative purposes.

HIVE is suitable for long-term investment

HIVE, on the other hand, is not designed to make money in the short term. That's probably what I like best about it. You write, you post, and you don't get paid for it until a week later, and half of the rewards you receive are granted staked, so if you wanted to sell everything, it would take about 3 months. I think HIVE is unlikely to have the phenomenon of rich people selling out after they have made a fortune.

The rewards you get for a single post are also quite modest for a crypto project, which is probably why it's hard to get people talking about it. But if it's modest in the short term, how about in the long term: it's really amazing to look into the wallets of people who have been steadily posting and interacting with each other since 2016. I myself have a history of powering down in 2020 and pulling all my funds out at one point, so I certainly have regrets that I should have continued instead of quitting at that point. But I'm glad I came back to post last year and I think it's not at all too late to start now.

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Tuition for children? Retirement funds?

I guess "not too late" depends on what your goal is, but I myself am saving HIVE with the hope that HIVE will add to my second son's tuition (10 years from now) and my own retirement fund (20+ years from now). If I have that long, I think I will have built up a good amount of assets in this account by then. And given that this platform already has a 7 year history of success, I think there is a good chance that HIVE will continue. Of course this is my strong desire.

The Upvote mechanism is excellent

One more thing, I would like to add that I still like HIVE's "upvote" system as well, no matter how many times I think about it. There are several platforms like HIVE that allow you to monetize your posts, but many of them have a "throwaway" system. When you "throw money", of course, the money is taken out of your wallet. This means that you cannot make money unless you have more people to throw to you than you throw to them.

But when I "upvote" in HIVE, my money is not reduced. If anything, your Voting Power is reduced, but your Voting Power is always recovering. Moreover, by "upvoting," you yourself can earn rewards (curation rewards). There is no other win-win mechanism like this. The larger the HP balance in your account, the more you can support the author, and the more curation rewards you can earn.

HIVE may not be talked about much externally at present, but my guess is that it is a platform that will change (and rise) in reputation over time....





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・・・もちろんこれは私の強い願望ですが 😂




でも、HIVEで「upovte」しても自分のお金が減ることはありません。強いていえばVoting Powerが減っていますが、Voting Powerは常に回復しています。しかも「upvote」することで、自分自身も報酬(キュレーション報酬)を獲得することができる・・・こんなwin-winなしくみってないよね、と思うのです。


HIVEは現状、外部で話題になることはあまりないかもしれませんが、時間と共に評価が変わる(上がる)プラットフォームなのではないか… というのが私の予想です。

(・・・願望かもしれません 😅 )

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Completely agree, Hive is a great ecosystem that motivates for the long run. 🙌🏻🎯

PS: I love the cover pic you created with the leonardo ai! So positive and inspiring. Have to try these image ai tools myself but so far hadn’t had time. 🫤

Thank you! The possibility of making money in the short term is meaningless if the system collapses😿 From that perspective, HIVE is a pretty solid platform that I know of.

It took me a little while from the time I learned that AI art could be generated by anyone to the time I actually tried it. But once I started, I enjoyed it so much that I lost track of time.

These are some of the reasons why I love Hive as there is so much to learn and also earn. Using Hive as a long term investment is an excellent plan and I think many should also go with it.

What you said about the upvotes and voting are valid. You voting on a post doesn't take away from you rather you even earn from that.

Thank you so much for sharing this.

This basic system has remained largely unchanged since the days of HIVE's predecessor, Steemit (although the ratio of author and curation rewards has changed). I was again impressed by how well thought out this system is👏👏

I sincerely hope that HIVE will thrive over the long term.
Thanks for your comments!





o.o hive is great thats why you're here and everybody else and if they arent well they arent seeing the greatness

That's right! I've tried joining other chains of games and platforms from time to time, but I still feel that HIVE excels. So I always end up coming back.

its good but dont just leave haha just stay

Don't forget about the curation income. I get about 3-4 Hive per day just from curation. People who have 100k HP are getting 20-30 in daily curation. That is a huge upside to Hive!

Oh, 3-4 HIVE a day is pretty big and good income! The great thing about HIVE is that you get rewarded for supporting someone else as well. I like this system of generating money by being involved with others, rather than making money alone😃


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