Live Events And Promotion Are Back!

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Covid is over and there are people spending millions of dollars to put people into events like the one @Scaredycatguide author Mitch Jaworski and I are at this weekend!

Big thanks to mitch for rocking the brand and QR code!

LeoFinance Crypto Event

2022 might be there year the leoFinance convention is born! CUB and polyCub launches have given us a lot to talk about and strategies to discuss!

I know I would personally travel to meet some of my favorite bloggers here on LeoFinance in person!

What would make a live event EPIC?

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A Leofinance event would be great!
I would love it to be someplace exotic like Hawaii!

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Covid is over and there are people spending millions of dollars to put people into events...

It'll be a very good time to celebrate each and a time to talk about how everyone during the long covid era. Seeing businesses resume is a thing of joy.

It's also a great opportunity to sell and buy more Real Estate @gualteramarelo.

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I think an Oprah like giveaway would be cool. We're all seated and Khal tells everyone to look under their seats. Tapped underneath are Ledger Hardware Wallets loaded with HIVE, LEO, Cub and PolyCub + more ! Well, one can dream haha

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This is great! These events are HUGE and I'm sure people are going to be pumped for them on another level. I did a number of these myself from 2015-2019 and I have to say they drain you lol but are totally worth it with awesome memories.

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I think Tampa or Orlando would be a great place to have one!

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I think a Live Event in Miami, San Diego or Hawaii would be great! Imagine if we can claim the travel costs as a business expense!

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