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RE: STEMGeeks Second Hackathon

in LeoFinance3 years ago

I think one month would be a good change.

  1. 35k HBD
  2. No, I think 5k HBD should be rolled in for marketing into the proposal with 20k HBD for the prize pool. The existing marketing initiatives can also be looped in.
  3. What do you think about doing two streams of entries, a team one and an individual one? They would have separate prizes. 3 prizes each stream. 15k/15k, divided up as 10k, 7k, and 3k.
  4. One phase.
  5. Blind voting assistance by a non-Hive party familiar with hackathons.
  6. I probably won't participate myself simply because I have a backlog of deliverables.