Buying the dip - Bought more $ATOM & $KUJI tokens

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Hey All,


Cosmos (ATOM) currently is a top 25 digital asset by market capitalization. In last two days $ATOM has shown a tremendous pull back and currently is trading at $12+. Cosmos native asset is $ATOM and is used for governance and staking purposes. I did invest in $ATOM long time back by providing LP for $ATOM / $OSMO pools


The current status is that am still invested in the LP pools. And earning a handsome amount of rewards in the form of $OSMO tokens. But the best part is that most of the time this LP pool makes you eligible of Airdrops from new projects building on Cosmos (ATOM) I can name a handsome amount of projects where I got tokens airdropped for Stargaze $STARS, AssetMantle $MNTL, Diffusion $DIFF and many others.


I bought in close to 40 $ATOM that is worth $477+ and right now I will not be entering into any pools. The plan would be to HOLD $ATOM and if it further increases then I would like to diversify my investment on the Cosmos network by buying in some $JUNO tokens. So far I do not HODL any $JUNO tokens but planning to buy if it trades below $5.

Lets talk a bit about $KUJI now. I have been following the $KUJI token and looking at the current trading price which was less $1.40. I thought that it would be a nice move to accumulate more $KUJI tokens at this price.


The all time high price of $KUJI is greater than $4. With the recent dip in the $KUJI token. I decided to increase my staked $KUJI tokens from 20 to 50 and have some liquid $KUI, $ATOM tokens as well on the KUJIRA app


Recently the - TESTNET $USK MINTING & ORCA LIQUIDATION BIDS was announced. Check the news Here

The time has come to test out the process of minting $USK, as well as bidding on ORCA in order to both protect the stablecoin, and pick up apex assets at a discount.

I am bullish on $KUJI and once both the $USK MINTING & ORCA LIQUIDATION BIDS goes to mainnet we are definitely to see some action to $KUJI token price...

Image Credits:: app.kuji,, keplr

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👍🏻 I just tried it out with 100$ mini invest. Atom/OSMO LP. Thanks for the info. Will obviously get a 23% APR. Will that be paid in OSMO Token then?

Yes, rewards will be paid daily in OSMO Token.

Excellent! 👍🏻

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$Atom is a solid buy!

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Totally agree $ATOM is definitely a BUY

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Atom is a good choice to buy

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Nice opportunity in the ATOM ecosystem! I have not followed you in this atom rabbit hole but I might in the future!

How did ATOM ecosystem resist the current bear market?

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It also took a beating from $13 high back to $11 and moving towards $10. cheers

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