Investing in Firebird Aggregator Token (FBA) - What is FBA?

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Hey All,

I had some money lying ideal on the Arbitrum network in the form of USDC. The money would be close to $600+ and I decided to invest in the Firebird Aggregator Token (FBA) . $FBA token is Firebird Aggregator Token (FBA) which is a next-gen profit-sharing token backed with multi-chain utilities. In more simple words its a multi-chain DEX aggregator with best-rates and cash-back are availed for every swap made. Their motto is - Swap, Save, Earn - with Firebird.

My $FBA purchase 621+ tokens


As see from above image, I used my $USDC to get close to 621+ $FBA tokens and the plan is to stake these token for an APR of 650+% at the moment. Staking $FBA tokens will make you eligible to receive the Firebird DAO token which is the governance
token of Firebird. I do a separate post on my strategy here for staking and earning the FBADAO token.

The DAO acts as the Treasury Manager and decision-maker for Firebird's strategic matters, and FBDAO is the governance token of Firebird.

Just that you know there is only 1 FBADAO being minted in a day and so far its circulating supply has just reached 30+ there is a huge potential of earning if you enter now. Coming back to the main topic - What is FBA? and total supply of $FBA
here are the details::

  • 21 Million FBA tokens will be minted

What is the FBA contract address?

FBA (Fantom): 0x0e249130b3545a2a287DE9f27d805CAB95f03DB9

FBA (Arbitrum): 0x13aABC0a9A5d6865dA8fD0296080E172CF8BB958

Where can I buy FBA? - Vist Firebird.Finance - Here

I really like the core principles of this DeFi platform as it focuses on user-centered
products and is built around the core values of rewarding stakeholders with flexible, optimized, and profitable pool strategies. Its just been three days that I have invested in this $FBA token and so far it's looking great. Overall the platform has many options to explore from staking to earning the governance tokens and further staking your
FBDAO tokens to earn profit share in USDC.

Have Your SAY on Firebird Aggregator Token (FBA)...

Did you know about $FBA? If Yes, did you stake your $FBA to earn the governance
token FBDAO. How is your overall experience with Firebird Dex Aggregator? Let me know your views in the comment box below?...cheers

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Investing in Firebird Aggregator Token (FBA) - What is FBA?


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