Basic steps to use the @ecency dapp - Guide for beginners....

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Hello All friends....

I am using the @ecency from last two and half year and enjoying a lot. The dapp is very easy to use and has no of ways to use it like web interface, android app etc. I am trying my best to onboard new people to platform and this pots is my another attempt to educate the new comers.
You can check my previous post on Hive - My initiative to on board new people...

If you have are new to the @ecency feel free to use the below link to install the app and login...
Referral link

Once you login you will see the below page , which shows the feed from your profile. The feed shows the posts from people you are following. It shows the rebloged posts by your friends also.
Explore this section to read the posts from friend and don't forget to upvote and reblog if you like the content.

Don't forget to explore the other other option - Trending, Hot and New. As the name says the option will show the trending, hot and new posts for the entire Hive Blockchain (irrespective to your followers) .

Create a new Post

Click on highlighted area in picture to start composing the new post.

When you click on create post you will see the below page. For explain the different parts I have divide the page into five parts.

Choose a Community

This section allows you to chose a community to post your content. By default (if you don't choose any community) the post will be in My Blog. Click on the choose a community will shows the different communities subscribed by the account and ou can search of communities also.
Keep in mind that post in community related to your post content. For example if you are posting content related to the Food its good to use the Foodies Bee Hive community. If the content is related to Finance its good to post in Leofinanace community.


Use the appropriate title for your post. It should be related to the topic you chosen for writing. Title should be clear not confusing.


The tags works similar to the other social media. You can use 10 no of different tags. Tags are keywords used to search on platform. Here on Hive Blockchain the tag are more them just the keywords, they are represents different tribes also and attracts the tribe tokens. Some of the tags are general and some are specific to topics. For example the leofinance tag is for finance related posts, spt for splinterlands related posts, oneup is for the play2earn contents. Followings are the general and may be used for all posts - archon neoxian proofofbrain palnet blogtoken broadhive
Just write the tag and hit enter no need to add #

Post Content

This is the area you have to write the main content of the post. You can the image, gif, link etc. The image can be insert using the upload option (below the tags) or use copy and past command.
Use the dividers to make the post more attractive and to separate two paragraphs. Divider can be a image or simple use - from your keyboard (use more then 4 -).
Check here to know more about the formatting


Preview shows the content you writing in the Post Content section. It shows as it will be shown after the publish the post.

This account belongs to my kid. She is just 3 year old and as she does not know writing so my wife (@mk992039) and me (@guurry123) are managing the account for now. We will handover the account to her when the time comes.

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Thanks for the Post. Is good to post this kind of update so that new entry will know how to post in the community

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Hi, do you know if Ecency has a discord server to report bugs?