Simple to post and earn rewards every day using actifit

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Good Afternoon Hivers, I wanted to share about an awesome project that many of us already know about but, unfortunately, many don't. This Dapp allows the most novice hivers (like me) to easily and lucratively create content each and every day. Actifit has completely changed my blogging experience for the better. First, let me say that I didn't get into Hive through actifit. Splinterlands was my doorway into this amazing Hive community. My first post was called active vs passive income in splinterlands game which, although being the most quality & time-consuming blog post I created, didn't earn enough upvotes for a payout. It wasn't until I stumbled across actifit I started posting (and earning) again. Now I don't spend more than 30 seconds and earn a decent Hive reward each and every day. Here are the reasons why...

It's simple Actifit is a move to earn project that's very simple. Complete 5k or more steps each day and post about it though the actifit app. You don't need to write a lot, just something related to what you did, viewed, or thought during that day. Including a picture generally gets more eyeballs and upvotes, but you don't have to. For example, if were active a given day with yardwork then post a brief description and include a picture of planted flowers, cut grass, or even the lawnmower. Simple!

It's a large community By in large, the actifit community members upvote each other's activity posts. We post and then support others by upvoting theirs. Posting your activities each day on actifit gets exposure with a large community that are interested and ready to click. Then wait to for your native AFIT, SPORTS, and Hive payouts daily!

Actifit will upvote Each daily activity post gets an actifit account upvote (basically a whale). The weight of the @actifit upvote is based primarily on your # of steps & rank in actifit. You can, also, significantly increase your upvote weight by purchasing gadgets with their native (AFIT) token or with hive on their actifit market. Your rank will increase as you stay active and keep posting, but there are simple ways to inflate your rank too. I've learned recently, though, that the most impactful way to increase your rewards is to "exchange AFIT for vote reward boosts". This requires 10,000 AFIT to be stored in your actifit wallet first. AFIT isn't expensive to purchase in hive-engine if you want to speed things up. See the top and middle red block in screenshot below on where to access the boosts in your actifit wallet.  " "image.png""

Final thoughts If increasing Hive and HBD is among your goals, then posting every day should really be the plan. Actifit provides a simple resource for posting to a vast and receptive community and a weighted @actifit upvote. It's because of actifit that I'm personally much more engaged in creating posts because I know there's a high chance of earning rewards each day.

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