Time the upvotes?

in LeoFinance2 years ago

Does anyone know… is it still a thing to wait five minutes before upvoting to avoid losing a percentage of the payout? Is there such a thing as timing the upvotes? Thanks!


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No, I think that was resolved in a hardfork that was done but I don't know which one.

Good to know. I had been timing waiting for 5 minutes but didn't seem anyone else was. Thanks!

Thanks for asking the question. !PIZZA

Thank you for the...


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Not sure if the five minutes timing still holds.
I guess we can wait for more experience friends to share their thoughts.

Thank you very much for digging this out. I appreciate it.

I cannot really say I know. However, I will appreciate if you can elaborate further.


I had read in a couple of blogs from 2 years ago that to avoid bots from automatically upvoting first to earn additional rewards that a 5 minute countdown had been designed. In the first minute there were no rewards but 20% of rewards were available each minute and at 5 minutes 100% of curation rewards were available. For example, if you voted with 4 minutes remaining then you could earn 80% of the curation rewards you would have earned by waiting 5 minutes. Again, this was a couple year old blogs but I couldn't find anything recent confirming if this was still the case.

It has become very clear now and I have a better understanding. Knowledge is definitely power.

Thanks alot