I Am Going Premium Baby

in LeoFinance2 months ago

Finally made the transfers, withdrawals, and conversions I needed to do to get the Inleo.io Premium membership.

Now I need to stake some HP to get that killer 22% interest rate.

Ok, so it is a 13% return and if you take rewards in staked Leo in bumps up 7% to a total of 20%.

I have delegated 1,000 HP to Leo.voter.

Let's see how it goes.

Meaning my upvotes will be limited for a bit of time.

I have almost 800 HP being unstaked tomorrow so I will evaluate the best course of action but there has been a mighty ding to my voting power as it went down to just over 17%.

Good news is I got my check mark and for those of you who do not know my profile pic is of William Wallace.

The staked payout on the labs.lnleo.io/dashboard have not appeared yet but I know @khaleelkaazi and his team are working on this project continuasly.

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Please can you help with the requirements to go premium.

What kind of help?

What do I need to do to go premium ?

CLICK the Premium button and pay 10 HBD


Thank you so much