My Unfortunate Timing Has Taught Me To Convert To Real Property

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Crypto Crash 2022.png

Drinking some wine out with a friend at Brooklyn Pizza just shooting the shit about crypto.

As he has been a very successful traded I asked him about the opportunities and projects he likes on Web3, he replied that he was about 75% in cash waiting for the crash.

It smelled not just like Pizza but also what it was like right before the first lockdowns 2020.

I was playing poker a local bar in Antigua and one guy said his wife and children were stuck in China where she is from and this was the first time I heard of this type of harsh government actions.

Now these last few weeks we have been seeing this ridiculously demonic behavior of abandoning and beating dogs to death.

I look for us to lose up to another 50% from the current 23.5K

I digress, my buddy trades anything but he asked me where I thought BTC was going price wise.

I said that $18k is where I thought it was heading +/-10%.

I Had To Sell All My Crypto

By circumstances, that at the time I thought was unfortunate timing, I sold all my crypto.

In November 2021 I had to liquidate my holdings due to cash flow problems and took out about eight fold my original investment which started in Christmas 2020.

My buddy over our many glasses of wine told me his projection.

BTC will bottom in a range of $12K to $24k, a wide range I know, but with that in mind my strategy is to start buying on the way down starting today with a coin I can best leverage for value and a 100X return.

LBRY Credits (LBC) is about 140X off of its all time high.

Yes, LBC has issues with the SEC at the moment but for this type of return potential and the fact the platform continues to get more use I have set my strategy.

First I buy $500 of LBC which would give me around 44K LBC.

My cash flow issue has been solved and now I have more to invest with much higher return potential.

I would venture that the next Bull Market will run BTC up closer to the $100k mark.

Meaning I think LBC can hit $2.50 to $5.00.

Is that the only reason to buy 44K in LBC and an additional $1,000 worth as price drops or settles?

##Then Why Buy LBC?

LBC (LBRY Credits) can leveraged to get value back through usage on

Using LBC I can stake videos on using around 3k to 12k per upload in LBC will help me get more views and more importantly build an audience.

One of my favorite content makers is Cahlen and he stated he gains 25 to 50 new subscribers per month.

Over the next two years if I can build an audience of 1,000+ and help build a fractal or community, I believe I can help others build their own crypto bags and escape our current oppressive matrix.

Why building an audience on Odysee is most important?

I can introduce this audience to other Apps like Ecency, Peakd, and the one with tons of potential Fractally.

This allows me to leverage content on a platform that does not really optimize the monetization of content.

I believe there is the most potential when you get involved early in projects by putting you ahead of the curve.

My goal is to take $50K in profits along the way to convert it into this alternative economy that allows growth of a loose fit rural international community.

A Guinea Pig project for others to join or learn from to move us towards new borns being born free out of this matrix.

I can build a fractal on and earn as I interact with the audience and join forces through the ever changing group meetings that greatly incentivize and monetize my content.

I highly recommend checking out the idea because it appears to be bullet proof.

If you want to earn some crypto and be involved in the evolution of the way DAOs should be organized then you should check out Fractally by clicking here.

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Wise decisions. I like and have some LBC myself. I like you have decided to buy some Crypto as it keeps getting lower. I already have some decent LBC holdings but am also looking into BLURT. Might not have quite the gains as LBC in the end but I'm confident it it's ability to recover when the time is right.

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