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Hey folks.

Well I see some boys talking of doing business but when I ask them about the detail, they don't have mich to say or don't have an idea how they are going to do it.

This is where comes the importance of having some experience before jumping into doing a business. I have seen people who themselves are now the business owners while they were just working with other people.

How did they become successful? Well, it was the experience that they had knowing how it works.

Now, I am not saying if someone has no experience can't do a business. Of course they could do but as they don't have any prior experience, they may face hurdles and might face more risk compared to those having prior experience.

So, if you want to do a business, I would recommend to work with someone, get a good experience and then try your own.

Well, this is not a financial advice. These are simply my thoughts.

What are your thoughts about the topic?

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