Phemex mistakenly written that Splinterlands is built on top of Hive Blockchain mining Canadian company 😤// Call to Action - HBD bonus tips giveway for tweeting

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While looking and scraping the Twitter data, I just found out this tweet by Phemex

Phemex is the fastest Crypto exchange and Crypto Futures trading platform. Trade Bitcoin with Zero Fees. You can also trade perpetual contracts with 100x

I have clicked and read the blog they created and feel so discomfort reading this part


We all know that @splinterlands wasn't built on top of Hive Blockchain mining Canadian company, please let us help to reach them out to correct this mistake.

I am suggesting if we can

  • Reach them by tweet commenting under their post
  • Private messaging on their official Twitter account
  • Reaching them on their official group chat like Telegram or Discord

Please screenshot or leave the link below for bonus HBD tips or some upvotes from for our participation

If you are not aware how we are doing here, kindly check our post

Cheers guys


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When i read the blog, He / She already change. I decided to share a post from @geekgirl , she share briefly about the different hive and another hive. I hope many people out there can understand the awesome hive blockchain.

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Oh thanks, I have seen now that they have edited the post, thanks for advising me

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