Hive's presence on the World Token Summit in Dubai 🐪

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Greetings Hive Community,

I'm thrilled to share my firsthand experience from the recently concluded World Token Summit, a pivotal gathering that illuminated the dynamic world of digital tokens and blockchain technology. As a Hive representative, we're immersed in a melting pot of innovative ideas and groundbreaking discussions, surrounded by some of the most forward-thinking minds in the industry.

I'll take you through the key highlights, insights, and personal takeaways from this transformative event, aiming to bridge the gap between our Hive ecosystem and the wider world of digital finance.


We're up with the sun, ready for a road trip from Abu Dhabi to the World Token Summit at Meliá Desert Palm Hotel, Dubai, UAE. It's a two-hour drive (because I drive slow), but it's going to be worth it. Imagine a place where everyone's buzzing about the latest in tech and tokens—that's where we're heading and hoping to establish some partnership.


Stepping into the venue, with the buzz of early conversations around us, we feel the pulse of potential partnerships. We're here, at the World Token Summit, poised at the edge of collaboration and learning.


With the hum of innovation all around us, I had the chance to chat with the CEO of Minstagram, a blockchain social media sphere where your posts can turn into cryptocurrency. The CEO shared insights into how they're shaping a platform that's more than likes and shares; it's about giving real value back to the users.


As we wait for the official opening, we strategize on connecting with other projects, sparking conversations that could lead to partnerships with Hive. We had a chance to connect with Darren Edmund Founder & CEO at Cobi.


In an energizing exchange at the World Token Summit, I had the opportunity to meet Alaa Hadad, a trailblazer in the blockchain realm and a former innovator at MetaMask.

We delved into the vast potential of web3, discussing how its decentralized ethos could redefine online interactions and ownership. Alaa’s insights, drawn from his extensive experience, highlighted the transformative impact web3 could have across industries, making our conversation both enlightening and thought-provoking.


As the morning unfolded, the World Token Summit officially commenced, drawing us all into a realm where the future of blockchain and digital currencies takes center stage.


There, amid the collective focus of attendees, we listened intently to pioneers and thought leaders. Each speaker peeled back layers of the complex crypto world, revealing insights and forecasting the trajectory of our digital tomorrow.


Among the many highlights at the World Token Summit, my encounter with Anndy Lian(@anndylian) stands out.

He's a well-known figure on X(formerly known as Twitter), where he shares his expertise and viewpoints on the latest in blockchain. Anndy's involvement in the Hive vs. Steem discussions has made him a familiar name in our circles, and his insights during these debates have been invaluable.

His talk provided thought-provoking takes on governance and the social dynamics within the crypto space, further enriching the experience of all those in attendance.


We have also had a chance to connect with Jad, the marketing manager of, and persuade him to sign up for an account on hive(


We also had a chance to meet the Solicy team. Engaging with them at their booth, we explored Solicy's innovative platform, which specializes in transforming solidity into technology solutions that resonate with current market needs.


The team's passion for delivering dynamic software and blockchain services was clear. We are still working out how we can establish a partnership with Solicy.


Wrapping up an eventful day at the World Token Summit, it was a pleasure to connect with the team from TeraBlock. Known for their innovative solutions in DeFi and blockchain technology, @terablock-hive has made a significant mark through their collaboration with @Splinterlands, a leading blockchain-based card game.


This partnership focuses on enhancing the DeFi gaming experience by offering cross-chain bridging services, which facilitate the smooth and transparent exchange of Splinterlands' native tokens, Splintershards (SPS), and Dark Energy Crystals (DEC).

The bridge service provided by TeraBlock enables users to transfer these tokens across various blockchains, integrating directly with the Hive and BSC/ETH chains. This collaboration not only simplifies the process of token transfer within the game but also supports the broader vision of interoperability and user accessibility in the blockchain gaming space.

The TeraBlock is planning to submit a proposal for DHF: We can consider checking it out and adding our valuable insight into their proposal.


As the eventful day wound down, I had the enriching opportunity to converse with Ope and Vali.

Vali fondly recalled their meeting with @crimsonclad in Berlin, Germany—a connection that clearly left an indelible mark on him, he also mentioned about the Hive's Rally Car. I bet Hive Rally Car is a great win for our Hive marketing and leave a mark on the people who see it.


As the World Token Summit drew to a close, we came together one final time, not as individuals, but as a collective force of innovators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries in the blockchain space.

This group picture captures the essence of the event—unity, collaboration, and the shared commitment to driving the future of technology forward.


Sponsored by @ValuePlan

Our presence at the World Token Summit was made possible through the generous support of the ValuePlan after our conversation with @guiltyparties, which provided crucial funding for the Hive community's participation.

The budget from the Decentralized Hive Fund (DHF) was instrumental in covering all related expenses, from our polished polo shirts to the essential business cards, caps, and even our transportation. This support reflects the strength and commitment of the Hive ecosystem to foster growth, networking, and the visibility of its vibrant community in key industry events like these.

My name is Hiro a loving husband, a Hiver since 2017, a world explorer, a Hive marketer, a cat lover, and a proud Christian of the MCGI.

I discovered Hive back in 2017 when I was doing my research. My goal on Hive is I want to use the stake power up to be able to help the community. I prayed to God to help me to be able to become a cheerful giver to anyone who is lacking like food, medicine, and livelihood. Hope you can follow my journey

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This is captivating . The presence of hive in the world token summit is mind blowing. This will take hive to another level in the crypto space. You've been up and doing so to speak from all angles, and I sincerely appreciate your efforts. The pics you all (hive members present) had together proves that the community is in unity. That's what we need. Keep up the good work. ♥️❤️

Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement @ckole!

It was indeed a remarkable experience representing Hive at the World Token Summit. The event was not just about showcasing our platform but also about immersing ourselves in the vibrant community of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts.

The unity and collaboration we displayed as a team are at the heart of what makes Hive so special. We are excited about the potential growth and opportunities that lie ahead for Hive in the crypto space.

I am personally looking at Terra blocks for bridging, and it could become more important as Bittrex looks to close. Leofinance has a Hive and HBD bridge also.

After hearing the Binance drama, it makes me think that TeraBlock is making a lot of sense than relying on centralized exchange


Di mo ako sinama? Sayang! Bro! I like your T-Shirt!!! ^_^

Sige, baka next time. 😂

Thanks for representing our amazing community and blockchain at this cool event! :)

@tipu curate 3

It was wonderful to represent Hive at this kind of event.

This is absolutely huge and you indeed carried out quite an excellent work by trying your very best to meet up with all of those personalities that you did meet .

Indeed Hive participation in that car rally to project Hive Web3 to the world was indeed a success , as many have come to know Hive and become possible curious to go extra miles to know more.

This one also is another powerful exposure blending Hive along others , finest technology and blockchain in the world.

Thank you for sharing.

The car rally, indeed, was a significant stride in projecting Hive's vision and capabilities to a broader audience.

It's fantastic to see the growing interest and curiosity in Hive and its offerings. This event was another step in positioning Hive alongside leading technologies in the blockchain world.

It's great that you are representing this out there to the community and more people will know about it so it's a pleasure for all of us users.

That is the plan 😇

That's great bro.

World Token Summit was a great one, I wish to be a part of this event.fine pictures you have here

It is one of good event to showcased about Hive

This was a very important and valuable initiative for Hive. We need more of this in every part of the world.

Well done.

Yes, we need to make Hive as visible in every part of the world


The Bloom Community Thanks You

  • Your efforts on behlf of Hive are greatly appreciated, and I think all communityies here benefit!
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It's my pleasure to be a small help for Hive

Wow, this was a great time with beautiful crypto enthusiast, through the pictures, the summit was awesome. Thank you sharing your experiences with us, to learn.

Yeah, it was indeed a wonderful experience to learn more about Crypto and share what we have on Hive

Best way to reach more people with the goodnews of Hive and onboard as many people as possible. Awesome

Thank you for this wonderful post. It was very encouraging and inspiring.

Thank you @shortsegments

It's amazing that you represented Hive in Dubai, great job.
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Digital currency has come to stay and it can only get better as we make meaningful progress by determination to sustain the ideas that birth the technology

Interesting hive is moving to the next level, God bless you for maketing hive to world. Beautiful pictures