CoffeeTalk Live on LeoFinance - March 17th 2021

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@HiveCoffee is now Live!!

Make sure to comment #LEOball on this post in the comments, and then upvote @LEOball #7 and comment #LEOball there for a second entry!! You could with half the LEO author rewards from this post next week, just for participating!!


1 @lesmann -> My Thoughts Going Forward
Give this user some support!

2 @keys-defender -> No More Phishing On Hive
Please review universal-bridge-against-phishing.js <--This

3 @dragosroua Hive.Supply, PHP Hive Tools Support with -> One click!
Check out -> to see your acct stats

4 @blocktrades -> Proposed hardfork change to stabilize HBD/USD
Please leave a comment here and discuss!

Join the #hivecoffee-interviews channel on Discord HERE <--
And please Subscribe to my channel on YouTube!

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Thank You so Very Much!
Truly Appreciated, have an Awesome Weekend!

Thanks for the mention.
It’s great to see that a few frontends are using my script already.

Just one correction, I haven’t been using proposals. So far I was only compensated with upvotes.

Take care   =]

I appreciate the @keys-defender service and all your efforts.

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Thanks for the shout out to my proposal, appreciate it!

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No problem at all, I appreciate your tools! I hope it helps get you a few more supporters.

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If you can hear me leave a comment!

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@olgert what have we done!! That was an epic battle. !BEER

Check out the Replay

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