LeoFinance Discord Hacked - Follow 2 Steps to Secure Your Crypto NOW!

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It's @idiosyncratic1 writing,

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If you connected your wallet, do these 2 things.

Revoke Cash

Connect your wallet to revoke.cash and revoke all the approvals given.

There might be more than a token like BNB, BUSD, ETH etc. Revoke them all if you connected your Metamask or Trust Wallet or BNB Chain Wallets!!!


Connected Sites on MetaMask

Log in your Metamask and click on three dots on the right upper corner.

There you will see Connected sites!


Click Disconnect for the website that hackers make you connect.


Follow these steps immediately


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I did revoked mine right after realizing.. #SAFU now.

Thanks for those steps!

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thank you sir, i got caught out unfortunately (stupid me).

Please revoke all approvals of the website

I have revoked all Token approvals and removed the offending site from the connected site. Thank you for your help. Never thought I would get caught out.


@liotes @ctpsb @anadolu please spread the news 🙏🏼

i am spreading the word. what can i do more to make sure the community dont fall for this

Thanks a lot mate, please warn Lions if you see they connected their wallets

I did not click on the link and asked question so the hacker kicked me out of discord.

WTF. When did this happen?

Today man, a couple of hours ago :(

Motherfucking hacker.

Crazy stuff hopefully minimal people are affected by this! I’m glad I don’t use discord much, particularly the Leo channel lol

It looks like this is the offender. We’ve all been told to read links before clicking! Leo finance is dot IO, but this person that hacked nomad put dot NET. FYI for those who are trying to figure out what happened.


So an insider job ?

I doubt it, nomad seemed like he was a decent person

No way.

Most probably, Anomadsoul's Discord was stolen

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A important post for everyone, i hope no one will face any loss but i read in one of the threads that till now $40 has been stolen.

Anyways, reblogged and thank you for spreading this news.

Thanks for your attention mate, stay safe ✌🏼

I have reblog the post so that others people's in the blockchain are aware of what is happening and not to fall victims, thanks for making this post.

This is really serious matter.