Looking for a dev to manage daily LEO Curation Payouts!

Hi Lions and Hiveans,


We have been in a bit of a pickle recently. It has been weeks that I (@vlemon) have tried to reach our developper to set back online the daily LEO delegation payouts.

This does not affect Hive Power Delegation which have been working perfectly for years thanks to @gerber.

Sometimes, our previous developper fixed it for a day, but then the next it stopped.

I am desperately looking for someone that could run this for us. As you know, we give back 90% of LEO curation rewards back to delegators and we would give at least 1% to the person running the LEO Delegation Payout bot!

It would calculate the LEO curation and send daily payments, just like the one below:


If you know anyone that could help us, we would greatly appreciate it.

HODL Community has been supporting the LeoFinance community since the start. We are curating native LeoFinance posts daily and we have weekly LEO&HODL Contests managed by @idiosyncratic1.

If you can help us or know anyone, please reach out on Discord or Twitter!

Please ReHive, ReLEO!

Thanks a lot, Hive and LEO on!


Delegate HIVE and LEO to @hodlcommunity

If you would like to delegate some HP to our community and support us; we give you back 90% of the curation rewards on a daily basis ! APR > 11% !

We have ALSO LEO Power delegation service for the Leofinance Community.

LEO curation rewards are sent weekly on Sunday night.

By following our HIVE trail here


How to reach us |

Discord Server | https://discord.gg/VdZxZwn

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Did you have any takers on this?