Realm play-2-earn Game - Season 11 has started !

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I'm continuing to really love playing the game realm, which is a world strategy/builder type play-2-earn game on the wax blockchain.

Season 11 of RLM started late last night ! When a new season starts your world (buildings, continents, research, ships and technology) resets to zero, but you keep any RLM earned/staked, equipment, helpers and leaders (including leaders experience).

Season 11 will be 85 days long (just like season 10). As I'm still rather obsessed with this game, I've been hitting it pretty hard since the start last night (also because I happen to have a day off from work today for another reason - which is great).

I have a specific start of season strategy and plan:

  • To get to level 5 in day one in order to open up access to Asia,
  • To get to level 10 in North America as soon as afterwards, in order to get access to better missions that reward more reputation.

This is really important because the game is all about earning reputation in order to progress up the levels and rankings (and hence in turn earn the token RLM). So getting to North America is quickly as I can will help me to get to better missions that reward more reputation.

The table above is my building plan for Africa, which has 9 building slots (I've already built the green ones). In earlier seasons, I spent too long developing the buildings in Africa at the start of the season, and hence neglecting missions and as such it took me longer to open up Asia and North America. I think its better to just race for Asia (by hitting level 5) because as soon as you do, you can build 9 more buildings, which will give you the resources you need to keep doing better.

In seasons 9 and 10 it took me until day 3 to open up Asia. At the moment, I'm currently nearly halfway through level 4 (thanks to doing the basic and advanced daily missions) so have a good shot at getting to level 5 today. If not it will happen tomorrow.

In my building plan for Africa above you will see that I dont have a research centre, which many people will question. The research centre is ultra important, but it will soak up too much resources when I'm on a fast-track strategy to open up Asia. Instead, it will be the first building I build in Asia (after the headquarters) - hence I will get access to it fairly quickly anyway (hopefully within 1 day). And when I do, I'll have more resources available, and hence will be able to take better advantage of it.

So my building picks for Africa really do focus mainly on resources with 3 x factories in there. You cant get far in this game unless you have good resource production.

Above is my building plan for Asia. It provides a good balance of adding more resource production, housing, and storage, along with the much needed research lab and technology centre.

The technology centre is last as it will need Titanium to upgrade the technology levels. I will need the transport depots built and upgraded to level 2 before I can start generating titanium from planes, and hence there is no point in building it too early, as I'll barely be able to use it to my advantage until a few days after opening Asia due to a lack of titanium.

In season 9 it took me to around day 14 to hit level 10 and open up North America. I managed it at day 10 in season 10. Heres hoping I can get there even faster in season 11.

One thing that is probably going to go against me this season is that due to my global position at the end of Season 10, I've been promoted into the gold league. I genuinely dont think I'm going to be competitive enough to get into the top 100 (where the better end of season rewards are). I just dont have enough good leaders to propel me onwards. I have 1 x 4 star leader and 4 x 3 star leaders (the rest are mainly 2 star and then 1 star).

As such, I'm considering buying the season 11 promotional pack, which contains 6 leaders, with one being atleast 5 star or platinum. In gold league it costs 45000 RLM (which I'd have to take out of staking). The thing I dont like about this approach is that you simply have to take what you get - its random. Whereas if I were to buy the leaders I needed from the market, I would be targeting very specific leaders. I'll just have to do the sums and see if its worth the 45000 RLM - but I think on paper it probably is. Im sure the packs will contain more than 45000 RLM worth of NFTs. So maybe I'm just better buying a pack, selling them all for more RLM, and then buying what leaders I need !

Well that wraps up my start of season post. My plan for the coming week is to:

  • Grind the missions to get me towards level 10 and opening up North America,
  • Secondary will be leveling up my buildings and research, without impacting my ability to undertake missions (which is a fine balance at the start of the season.

So I'm excited for the start of the new season - heres hoping its as successful as season 10 for me, or better !

Heres a link to the game for anyone thats interested (this is not a referral link).

Credits: All in-game pics are screen shots from within the game. The excel table is my own.

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Oh wow, that is impressive. I didn't realize you made it to Gold. Are you going to be just using helpers again this season or are you going to focus on the specialized cards? I have a bunch of them but not all of them. My only issue is it will take a lot of research to upgrade all of them.

I actually wanted to stay in Silver ! I only have 4 specialised helper cards, so it makes it easier for me, and plan to use them all this season - but probably wont start using them until I hit North or South America (just because its easier to manage when I have more training facilities).

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I had a bunch of RLM built up, so I am going to work on using my Cyborgs early in the season to give me a boost and keep my resources up.