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It's another day to talk about tech and the focus will be on smart devices. Smart devices are devices that interacts with other devices for exchanging data. These devices are all around us even though we are not in direct contact with them. Since the invention of smart devices, life has become easy for everyone and it has also make us more productive in whatever we do.


One of the major smart devices that people make use of is smart phones. With a smart phone we can do a lot of things right from the comfort of our homes. As a blogger, I do make use of my smart phone for literally everything that I do online. I remember when I wasn't making use of a smart phone, it was hard and more time consuming. I didn't have access to a lot of information but all that changed when I got a smartphone.

There are even more smart devices now that are not so common due to how expensive they are but they do serve quite a lot of purpose like the smart Lock for homes. We also have video doorbell which has a very high security level too. With a video doorbell, you can be at anywhere in your home or even outside your home and know who is at the door and even communicate with the person too.

Of course everything that has an advantage will definitely have disadvantages too. For these smart devices, there are still some disadvantages to them. Most of these smart devices makes use of batteries and these batteries can die off at anytime when not charged well and that would stop it from doing it's Job until it's charged again. Also some of these devices are only compatible with the same brand products and that is quite a limitation as you have to focus on just one brand most of the time.


Making use of smart devices makes us open to cyber attacks as these devices are always connected to other devices and since we most times feed it with most of our personal information, we have to be careful not to let those information fall into the wrong hands. Using smart devices makes us so dependent on them too. When we've used them over a long period of time, we start getting lazy to do things for ourselves.

And the most important disadvantage of smart devices is that they are very expensive both for purchasing and maintenance. Since it's very expensive, it makes it less distributed because not everyone can afford it even though they would have love to. And even if one is lucky enough to afford it, the high cost of maintenance is something that also makes it hard for people to purchase them.

Despite all of these cons, the pros are more in the sense that these devices helps us save time and also help us become more productive too.

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Since the invention of smart devices, life has become easy for everyone.

One of the first importance and intention of creating any smart device is to make a particular thing easier for human.

With a video doorbell, you can be at anywhere in your home or even outside your home and know who is at the door and even communicate with the person too

I never knew there was anything like those smart door lock until I watched a Korean series and it was so good to know about it. But, it is now common to see many and different tyeps of video door bell in their movies these days.

Of course, the pros of smart devices are more than their cons.

That's right, these things are created to make life easier for us.

That video doorbell I also saw it first in a Korean series. It's only for those that breathe money 😂

It's only for those that breathe money 😂

😂😂. I would love to have it when I build or buy my own house.

That's very possible, I'm sure you will as long as you are Alive 🥰

Yes. Thank you🤗

You're welcome 🥰

Of course every advantages has disadvantages. But the world can still be a better place with the technology advancement. One thing I know for sure is they’re always getting better in technology advancement.